A look back on Candiria’s Constant velocity is as natural as being at rest

Sixteen years ago i bought an issue of Kerrang! with a CD featuring tracks from upcoming releases.

Among them was a demo from Killswitch Engage as they were preparing to release their first album on Roadrunner and this song by Candiria. I had heard about the band from a previous sampler on the french edition of Rock sound that featured the song Mathematics but i disliked it because of the vocals and how weird it all sounded.

The name had still made an impact because in an interview on a defunct webzine, Daryl Palumbo (Glassjaw) had described them as « the best band there is ». Still curious, I checked out the song and immediately got it. I didn’t just like it, I understood something about it that made it more special than just a nice tune. Every instruments were working together to create a groove rather than putting ideas together like the nu metal bands of the same era. Candiria was the fusion of many genre and not just a collaborative effort that aimed at sticking things together to create a buzz. This wasn’t just « a cross between this band and this band » but a unique beast possessed with the spirit of New York. Jazz, Hip Hop (and not just Rap), Hardcore, Prog rock… Candiria is a product of it’s environment as much as Charles MingusThe black saint and the sinner lady or NasIllmatic.

Candiria has since evolved but each of their albums stand out as a unique piece of music. This one is no exception and I strongly encourage any curious music head to listen to Process of self development and 300% Density.


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