News of the week – Life’s a bitch and then you become Quasimoto

Ex. Black Flag‘s bass player C’el Revuelta has sadly passed away of brain cancer.

Nothingface performed a song with Dog Fashion Disco‘s singer in tribute to the passing of singer Matt Holt.


Dead Cross (Dave Lombardo‘s new band with Mike Patton and members of The Locust) has a new song streaming.

A new Goatwhore (Soilent Green) album is coming under the name of Vengeful ascension and a song is already streaming before it’s release on Metal Blade.

Supergroup Powerflo (Fear Factory, Biohazard, Downset, Worst, Cypress Hill) have released a lyric video.

Looks like Jazz Fusion is making a come back. Ex Eye (ex. Liturgy, Secret Chief 3) has signed to Relapse Records and a song is available. The self-titled debut will come out on 23rd June.

A new Elder song is streaming via Stereogum. Reflections of a floating world will come out on the 2nd June via Stickman Records.

World inferno is the title of Entrails new album and a song is already streaming before the album’s release on 16th June via Metal Blade.

Spine (Weekend Nachos) has signed to Bridge nine. Two new songs are already streaming via Bandcamp.

Unique Leader <a href="« >has signed yet another Brutal Death metal band. This time, they are called Stillbirth and are coming from Germany.

Full albums

Dj David Begun has created a mash-up of Madlib’s alter ego Quasimoto with Nas lyrics.

Oxbow‘s new album is streaming.

Precious is a new post-hardcore band featuring ex. members of Adamantium, Mean Season, Snapcase and their second EP is now streaming.

For a heavier proposition with many hardcore luminaries, check out Hive featuring members of Disembodied, 108, Threabare

At the Drive In‘s new album is also streaming.

Fans of Hardcore rejoice, Incendiary‘s new album is now streaming.

In other news

Belgian Death grinders in Leng Tch’e has signed to Season of Mist.

Lullaby versions of Mastodon songs are now available on an album. You can stream the entire album on Spotify.

You can watch here Nas explain the lyrics of It’s ain’t hard to tell toa Harvard professor.

The drama around Ja Rule‘s Fyre Festival keeps unfolding as we learn that you can get paid 250,000$ for an instagram post!

Next time yo have a problem with an airplane company, do like Danny Brown and threaten them with a diss track and you shall receive apologies.

Live shows

Trap Them will tour Europe with Ghost Bath and Crippled Black Phoenix on select dates but no UK dates.

Viva Belgrado (italian post-rock/screamo previously interviewed here) will tour Europe.

Music videos

Mutoid Man are back with a new video because Ben Koller has to keep himself busy.

Inter Arma is announcing a big US tour following their European sting with Celeste with a new video.

Oh my god, why?!

Steve Bannon, fascist and chief White house strategist, really wrote a rap musical of Shakespeare’s Corolianus…


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