News of the week – No April’s fools in this article, guaranteed!


Invisible Oranges have released a new song by Life of Agony. A place where there’s no pain is coming out on 28th April via Napalm Records.

The Acacia Strain will release a new album called Gravebloom. The album will come out on 30th June via Rise Records.

French sludge outfit Mudbath has a new song out from their upcoming new album, Brine pool, streaming via Cvlt nation. The album will come out on 2nd May via Third I Rex.

British prog metallers, Sikth, the one you have to blame for the whole Djent and soft Prog resurgence, of recent times, is back with a new album. A new song is online.

Madlib‘s instrumental for Bad neighbor, his album with Blu and Med, has been released.

In other news

Sadly, guitarist Alvin DeGuzman (The Icarus Line) has been diagnosed with cancer, again! His parents have set-up a Gofundme page to offer the chance for anyone to contribute to paying the bill for his treatment. This is why you need universal health care, people, never forget it. In the meantime, you can contribute to helping this man and his family by following the link.

Darkest Hour will release a 7″ for Record Store Day with a song from their new album, Godless Prophets & The Migrant Flora, and covers of Minor Threat and Judas Priest.

N.W.A.‘s Straight out of Compton will be preserved by the Library of Congress as part of the « Black national anthem ». Librarian Carla Hayden declared “This year’s exciting list gives us a full range of sound experiences. These sounds of the past enrich our understanding of the nation’s cultural history and our history in general”.

Music video

Your new favorite thrashers, Power Trip, are back with a new video.

A Tribe Called Quest‘s new video, featuring Busta Rhymes, is streaming via HipHop DX.

Danny Brown‘s new video is directed by Jonah Hill and portrays the rapper as a crack addicted uncle.

Rapper Aaron Cohen is back with a new video. Some will remember him for his single, Helen Keller.

RZA (Wu-Tang Clan) guest on a new video from Parisi about the refugee crisis.


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