[Albums] Gatecreeper – Sonoran depravation

Swedish Death metal is certainly still in vogue despite the growing number of bands fond of the sound of the Boss HM-2 and Gatecreeper aren’t here to change much to what has already been in done, but they are here to do it in style. Sonoravan depravation is only their first album and they are already signed to Relapse Records with some beautiful cover art courtesy of Adam Burke.

However, even if their guitar sound, art work and band shirts scream Metal, their liner notes mostly think Hardcore or Hardcore Metal bands (Nails, Outer Heaven, Young and in the Way…). There lies the originality of Gatecreeper‘s sound. Even with an Entombed (Craving flesh) and Bolt Thrower (Patriarchal grip) edge to their music, songs like Sterilized or Lost forever possess a moshable edge to them that would please any fans of Nails, Dead in the Dirt, Trap Them.

Whereas Homewrecker is a Hardcore band playing old Sepultura, Gatecreeper is an American Death metal who has found the old spirit of Swedish Death metal and included some Hardcore influence in their sound. Therefore, even if after a first listen, the songs sound a bit too familiar to each other, they still possess enough of a kick to make you want to come back and appreciate each song and quickly found their specificity. Each spins brings more pleasure and gives each songs more personality, affirming with more and more strength their place next to Mammoth Grinder, Black Breath and Homewrecker at the forefront of the resurgence of American Death metal throughout the Hardcore scene. If by the time the last riffs of Grotesque operations plays you are not full convinced, you might have to rethink your passion for Death metal.



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