News of the week – Another metal brick in the wall


A new song from Incendiary is streaming before the release of Thousand miles stare via Closed Casket Activities on 5th May.

Kendrick Lamar has released a new song to announce his upcoming fourth album. The track was produced by The Alchemist (Gangrene).

Thrill Jockey has put together a compilation for the profit of the Baton Rouge flood relief. A song from Thou and another from Hand Grenade Job are streaming off it.

Artificial Brain has released a new song featuring Trevor Strnad from The Black Dahlia Murder. The song is streaming via Lambgoat before the release of the album Infrared horizon via Profound Lore in late april.

Members of His Hero is Gone and Masakari have teamed-up for a new project called Syndromes. You can listen to their debut EP via Cvlt nation.

Legendary metallic hardcore band Pulling Teeth (now with the new guitar player in Integrity) will play a set of songs from their debut, Martyr immortal, at the next This is hardcore festival. A reissued and remastered version of the album will come out on this occasion on A389 Records.

In other news

A recording of the legendary swiss chaotic hardcore band Shora has surfaced and can be streamed via Soundcloud.

The tracklisting for the Metal tribute to Pink Floyd, crowd funded by Magnetic Eye Records, is out and will feature covers by ASG, The Melvins or Moss Generator.

A new song from Queensway is streaming via Lambgoat. Swift mind of the dark side EP will be released on 21st April via Unbeaten Records.

Cradle of Filth does not care about Kanye West wearing their band merch.

All Out War is finishing recording a new LP scheduled for this spring.

Music video

Today is the Day has released a song from their remastered cult album Temple of the morning star.

Body Count (Ice T) has released a new music video.

Technical Death metal act Beyond Creation has a new music video.

Run the Jewels have released a new music video for the song Legend has it.


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