[Mixtape] Ten songs to start a revolution to

The improvement of everyone’s quality of life is not dictated by the death of a celebrity, no matter how relevant, and by the election of a new dictator. The world as a whole, we as people, need to constantly revolutionise ourselves to be more accepting of others while fighting and debating those who want to stop this natural movement from happening. The saying goes « A song never changed the world », as if it’s impossible to show that songs can inspire and influence people to act, to change their views, so this selection is meant to show that music can express, through lyrics and sound, a sentiment to change the world. It does not matter if the song is about change, as long as it’s inspiring enough to move, act or take a stand. Then it’s good enough to be a building block for anyone’s personal revolution.

From the explicit with A Tribe Called Quest‘s We the people or Nasum‘s anti-fascist song, The idiot parade, or Get up while you can ! by Atari Teenage Riot, to the emotional and epic rhythms and riffs of Darkest Hour’s Pay phone and pills or Martyrdod‘s Handlöst fallen ängel, this selection was based on the subject matter and also how inspiring I thought the songs were. Handlöst fallen ängel struck me as an incredibly powerful song when I discovered it live at the Netherland Deathfest and I immediately felt it was meant to inspire more than just a circle pit but to build a barricade and riot in the street. As far as riot goes, N.W.A. all about them for having seen first hand the effect of police brutality in the city of Los Angeles and while this tune is one of the least politically relevant, the beat underneath is as powerful as any of Ice Cube‘s lyrics. Next to Compton’s finest, I have put two songs about destroying cities which are written by kindred spirits, Trash Talk and Tyler, the Creator, years before they started working together. Finally, Lifelong Tragedy‘s message is a pure hardcore anthem made to inspire everyone to be themselves. A classic subject beautifully puts together through an inspiring voice… which brings this selection to its conclusion with the voice of MC Ride. The song fits thematically as an antithesis of my mission statement but I could not finish this mixtape on anything but high and Death Grip‘s music and performances provide the perfect rush to fight on.

Martyrdod – Handlöst fallen ängel

A Tribe Called Quest – We the people

Nasum – The idiot parade

Atari Teenage Riot – Get up while you can !

Darkest Hour – Pay phone and pills

N.W.A. – 100 Miles and Runnin

Trash Talk – Sacramento is dead

Tyler, the Creator – Radical

Lifelong Tragedy – Time stands still

Death Grips – Giving bad people good ideas

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