News of the week – End of the war


Ulver has released a new song, in anticipation of their release party at the Roadburn festival, off their album The Assassination of Julius Caesar.

Rapper Sean Price sadly passed away too soon but a posthumous release will soon the light of day under the title Imperious rex. Here is a first song from it.

To the surprise of no one, Gruesome has recorded a cover of a Death song.

If you were looking for an excuse to go see the new Power Rangers movie, you can do it for the Metal knowing that a song from Revocation is featured on the soundtrack. Personally, i will watch it for the giant robots.

In other news

Unfortunately Hail of Bullets have decided to break-up despite having found a replacement for Martin Van Drunen (Asphyx) in the form of David Ingram (Bolt Thrower).

Author & Punisher has signed to Relapse Records. The one-man band’s new album will be released earlier next year.

Reality TV will never stop to amaze in it’s inventivity… Please read the description of this new show featuring rapper Action Bronson from HipHopDX.
« Produced exclusively for Snapchat, VICE Media’s new matchmaking series, Hungry Hearts With Action Bronson, features the Flushing, Queens MC and foodie sending lucky contestants on curated dates complete with pre-planned meals and activities. Throughout the show, Bronson will offer commentary on how the date is going and predict whether or not the couple will go out again. »

Everybody wants to tell the story of how Hip-Hop started and Russel Simmons (manager of Run DMC, among others) is in too with the announcement that he is going to produce a series of documentaries titled The Definitive History of Hip-Hop. In the meantime, if you want to read the definite history of Hip-Hop, you should pick up all the volumes of the comics Hip-Hop Family Tree by Ed Piskor.

Live shows

Windhand will be touring Europe with Satan’s Martyr.

Music videos

Mastodon has a video for their more « radio friendly » song to date and it makes me wait even more for the new album.

Headbang until they are no tomorrow, it’s a new Homewrecker video.

Taïwan Death metal act Maggot Chronicles got a new single featuring Trevor Strnad from The Black Dahlia Murder.

It’s « a bit » of an overstatement for Loathe to call themselves experimental but they are good for a mosh.


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