News of the week – Metal records are back in London


Another new Mastodon song is streaming. Their new album will be out at the end of this month.

Full of Hell has unleashed a first song from Trumpeting ecstasy. 5th May will be the day when Profound Lore will release the album.

A new track from Inferno is streaming. The song is off Gnosis Kardias (Of transcension and involution).

Devouring Star, a very Deathspell Omega influenced band, will release a new EP and a song is now streaming via Bandcamp.

If you like your Black Metal different from the usual frosty suspect, you will enjoy this song from Crimson Throne. The UK outfit will release their self-titled album on 17th March via Dark Descent Records.

Succumb is what you end up with when Jacob Bannon fronts Portal: very good stuff! The self-titled album will be released on 5th May via The Flenser and can be pre-ordered for Europe via Throatruiner Records.

Full albums

Rapper Westside Gunn has released a mixtape featuring, among others, Action Bronson and Royce Da 5’9. The release can be found via HipHopDx.

In other news

A new record shop has opened in London and it’s devoted to Metal so you should all get there and buy stuff so it does not get out of business.

Anders Bjorler has now also quit At the Gates. He had also left The Haunted before the recording of the band’s latest album.

Incendiary‘s new album will be called Thousand mile stare and be released by Closed Casket Activities on 5th May.

Puff Daddy (yes, he is still called that) has announced the release of a documentary about his label, Can’t stop, won’t stop: the Bad Boy Story.

If you enjoyed the first season of Netflix’s show about the beginning of Hip Hop culture, The Get down, here is the trailer for season 2.

Live shows

If you enjoyed listening to Converge‘s live set of Jane Doe at the Roadburn, you might also enjoy watching it.

Music videos

Church Tongue might be up your bag if you enjoy The Armed and other sonic madmen.

A new Norma Jean video is now online.

Other Solid State alumni ZAO has released a music video.

Joey Bada$$ has released a new music video.


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