[Mixtape] Netherland Deathfest – What you should not miss

The Netherland Deathfest’s second edition is starting in a few days and over 60 bands will play over three days at Tilburg in the Netherland. During the festival’s first edition, an off-shot of the world renowned Maryland Deathfest, legendary bands such as Autopsy, Infest or Agoraphobic Nosebleed performed so the second edition had to bring something truly special. However, this year, the headliner’s are not as underground with names like Abbath (ex. Immortal), Bloodbath and Gorgoroth are at the top of the bill. To please, the faithful hordes of Metal, there was a need for the organisers to get some unique names to the festival. This list will help you find some of the most interesting, but not as noteworthy, bands playing in 2017.

Nifelheim: Saturday – 19:25 – 20:10 (Main Stage 013)
The Swedish twins behind Nifelheim are speed freaks who took a look at Slayer‘s tempo and thought it wasn’t as fast as the drums on their Siege tape. True gods of Thrash, they have played on a few Metal festivals since the release of an EP, Satanatas, in 2014. With only four full-length since their formation in 1990, the Swedes have traded productivity for quality. A devilish deal that works wonders since their 2007, Envoy of Lucifer, was a very strong proposition.

Demolition Hammer: Sunday – 19:20 – 20:05 (Main Stage 013)
Formed in 1986, this old school New York Thrash band was part of the third division of bands from that era but their albums were excellent nevertheless. Despite a switch to a more Groove oriented sound towards the end of their career, Demolition Hammer was mostly faithful to a very aggressive style of Thrash which makes them an easy choice for such an extreme Metal oriented bill.

Ghoul: Saturday – 21:35 – 22:15 (Second Stage 013)
Now that Gwar is touring even less in Europe, Ghoul is the lone remaining band bringing a bit of comedy to Metal. The masked Thrash killers have just released an excellent album called Dungeon bastards looking towards the way of Municipal Waste. More than just fun, the riffs are tasty and the production greasy enough to make this album a tasty treat.

Grave Miasma: Sunday – 21:35 – 22:15 (Second Stage 013)
The UK Death metallers celebrated last year their tenth anniversary as a band by releasing a new EP and continuing their trend of reserving their appearance to few shows. This technique hasn’t slowed down the progression of their reputation as one of the most wanted Old School Death metal band and this show at the NDF should only help to solidify this.

Malignancy: Saturday : 14:55 – 15:30 (Second Stage 013)
Despite having a day job in Fear Factory, a band that still do successful tour around their one « good » album, Demanufacture, drummer Mike Heller has recently gone through quite a lot of trouble when most of his belonging were stolen in the band’s van. Hopefully, he will be able to pull through this period of turmoil and maybe use a bit of frustration when playing in one of the most technically proficient band in modern Death metal. A rare band in Europe that you should definitely not miss.

Uada: Sunday – 19:00 – 19:40 (Patronaat)
Unlike most of the bands in this list, Uada have a unique name no other band has taken and they play a style of Black metal that not many band play well. Despite coming from the US, the trio plays a kind of Melodic Black metal that’s both epic and catchy. The songs from their debut, Devoid of light, jump at you immediately from their unique proficiency and the natural sound of the recording. Uada will close the festival on Sunday so save some energy to see them.

Iron Lung: Friday – 20:25 – 21:00 (Second Stage 013)
With only two musicians, Iron Lung is one of the most ferocious and unique Power violence band currently in action. Despite the lack of Hardcore associated band on the festival, this duo should appeal to a lot of PV nerd and justify getting a ticket for a day. Consistent in all of their release, Iron Lung has a reputation for skull bashing music, crossing the line between Man is the Bastard and early Helmet.

Regarde les Hommes Tomber: Sunday – 16:50 – 17:25 (Patronaat)
Added very late on the bill, Regarde les Hommes Tomber is one of the most on-demand French Black metal band. Thanks to their mix of AmenRa hypnotic beats and Dark Funeral styled riffs, they bridged a gap between Postcore and Black metal as effectively as Celeste but with a more Metal edge. Thanks to an effective stage set-up only lit by candles and a fantastic second album, Exile, Regarde les Hommes Tomber has managed to pull audience into their world and make their name a great addition to this already exciting bill.


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