News of the week – Joe Dassin goes Punk Black Metal

Yob frontman Mike Scheidt underwent emergency surgery and needs help for fans to pay these medical bills. A Go Fund Me campaign has started if you want to contribute.


If you like Valentine’s day or if you despise it, Thundercat has a great song for you.

Infrared horizon is the title of Artificial Brain‘s new album for Profound Lore. April will be the month of this awaited release for fans of Technical Death Metal.

You can always trust the Canadians to never do things like everybody else so check out this new Canadian Black metal band called Entheos whose new song premiered via Invisible Oranges.

Gruesome (Exhumed) will release a new EP called Fragments of psyche. Relapse will release this new album on 31st March.

Joey Bada$$ has a new song produced by Kirk Knight.

Another song from Kwintessence, Dodecahedron‘s new album, is streaming. Season of Mist will release the album on 17th March.

A new Darkest Hour song is streaming via Punk tastics. The album Godless prophets an The migrant flora will come out via Southern Lord on 10th March.

Full albums

Satan‘s new album of Punk and Black metal is streaming via Invisible Oranges. The album called Un deuil indien is out via Throatruiner Records.

In other news

Dallas Toler-Wade has announced his departure from Nile after being a member for « around 20 years » according to Karl Sanders.

Bass player Liam Wilson (The Dillinger Escape Plan, ex. Starkweather) has started a new band with ex. members of The Faceless and of John Zorn‘s band. The project is called John Frum and will release it’s first album via Relapse Records.

The Haunted have begun recording a new album.

Music videos

Ice T‘s new video with Body Count is called No lives matter and starts with a big long rant from the man about the point behind the song.

Jonwayne‘s new video is streaming via HipHopDX and his new album is streaming via Spotify.

if you like Chance the Rapper you should check out Big Baby D.R.A.M.

Why the hell not?!

2 Chainz is in a new 7up commercial.

Ice Cube Judges Teacher-On-Teacher Rap Battle. Should I say more?


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