News of the week – Fashioncore is back


Memoriam is full of Bolt Thrower alumni so their music should not surprise you. The first album is called For the fallen and will be out on 24th March.

Ressac is a new song from Fange, French sludge masters, from their upcoming EP called Pourrissoir scheduled for 17th March via Throatruiner.

Power Trip is ready to unleash the thrashing fury with their new album and here is a new song to prove it.

The Obsessed is back for the groove on their Relapse debut with Wino on vocals. Sacred will be out in April.

Full album

Westside Gunn‘s new album, Riots on fashion avenue, is streaming via HipHopDX.

In other news

Hooded Menace has recorded a new EP for Doomentia called Algoma.

Fashioncore legends Eighteen Visions are reuniting for a new album.

A new song from Fen is streaming via Sorrow metal. The album titled Winter will come out on 10th March via Code666.

A teaser for the documentary about Nasum‘s last show is streaming.

NASUM: Blasting Shit to Bits – The Final Show TEASER 1 from Michael Panduro on Vimeo.

A teaser for the upcoming documentary about legendary LA DJ and singer Egyptian Lover is streaming via HipHopDX.

Power Violence gone Death metal merchant Mammoth Grinder have signed to Relapse Records to release their new album Cosmic crypt.

Obituary is streaming a new song from their upcoming new self–titled album.

Primitive Man will soon come back to the studio to record a new album.

Rapper MF DOOM posted a short video message in tribute to rappper and producer J Dilla who passed away 11 years ago.

Live shows

Ecstastic Vision‘s new album Raw rock fury will be released on 7th April via Relapse Records and the band will tour Europe during the same month.

Pinkish Black will open for Pallbearer on their upcoming April European tour.

Power Trip is replacing Iron Reagan and Napalm Death‘s European tour with Brujeria.

Music videos

Rapper Quelle Chris has a new music video or his new album, Being you is great, I wish I could be you more often, out via MelloMusicGroup.

A new video from Venom Prison‘s excellent latest album is streaming via Team Rock.

Converge‘s own Jacob Bannon‘s Wear Your Wound project has a music video.

Koreatown Oddity is a new signing to Stones Throw and his first album for the label will soon be out.

Brutality Will Prevail is back to their old sound on their new album and the new video is proof of that.

Every Time i Die is all about the memes.

Neighbour problems? Iron Reagan can sympathize.

Paul White‘s new EP features Danny Brown and this is their first video together.

If you want some Metalcore, here is Capsize‘s new video.


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