News of the week – They are still legends


Life of Agony is streaming a new song. A place where there’s no more pain is their first album in twelve years and will be released on 28th April.

A new Mastodon song is online from Emperor of the sand before the release of it on 31st March.

Toby Driver, songwriter of Kayo Dot and Maudlin of the Well, is releasing a solo album called Madonnawhore via The Flenser on 21st April. A song is streaming via Invisible Oranges.

French Death Black metal band Svart Crown have a lyrics video for their first song off Abreaction is streaming before the album’s release on 17th March.

Vince Staples‘ new album is called Baggbak and a song is streaming via Spotify. If you have not checked out his previous EP via this short film, you should do so immediately.

The Underachievers have released a new song from the upcoming album Renaissance.

Spinefarm will release Few, He is Legend‘s new album. They will play in London at the Dome on 12th May.

Two new songs from King Woman are streaming via Bandcamp.

Music videos

Overkill has released a new music video.

Appolo Brown and Skyzoo have a new music video to promote their collaborative album.

Zeal and Ardor have released a music video and a first live video from their first live show. They will soon perform in Europe.

Raekwon (Wu-Tang Clan) has shared a new music video. Another single is streaming via Soundcloud.

A new Homeboy Sandman video is available.

Everybody’s favorite weirdo, Riff Raff, has a new music video;

Dumbfounddead‘s latest single is his more radio friendly song featuring Too Short.

Live shows

The norwegian festival Blastfest has been cancelled due to low ticket sale.

Oh my god, why?!

Emmure‘s ex member have formed a new project.


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