News of the week – Return of the Iron Monkey?


United Nations (Converge, Thursday) have released a new song with all proceeds going to the ACLU and Planned parenthood in the US. Daryl Palumbo might be on the song but it has not been confirmed.

Power Trip have released a song from Nightmare logic which will be released on 24th February via Southern Lord.

A new Iron Reagan song is streaming. It was released on a flexi with New Noise Magazine.

A new Obituary song is streaming from their upcoming self-titled album coming out on 17th March.

A new Xibalba song from their upcoming EP Diablo, con amor… dios is streaming via Lambgoat. The EP will be released mid-February via Closed Casket Activities.

A new Necrowretch song is streaming via Decibel. Satanic slavery will be released via Season of Mist on 14th April.

Alchemist (Gangrene) is streaming a new song part of a collection of 45″ available via Chemistry set.

Legendary Hardcore band Scream have released an unreleased song on the back of the re-issue of their No more censorship album via Southern Lord.

Nerdist are streaming the title track from Converge‘s Jane Doe live album recorded at the Roaburn festival. I really dislike the idea of a live album for Metal or Hardcore because it always seemed more like a cash grab or a way to get out of a contract rather than a way to hear songs played differently, but in this case I have to admit the sound and the emotions are intact and renewed. You can pre-order the vinyl via Deathwish Europe when it will be available on 3rd March but all variant covers are already sold out.

A new song from rapper and producer Jonwayne is streaming via Fact Magazine. Rap album two will be released on 17th February via Stones Throw.

Full albums

A tale of dark legacy is the title of The Great Old Ones’ new album released on 27th January via Season of Mist and it’s streaming via Terrorizer.

Endaloc is an Icelandic Black metal band and their album Úr Draumheimi Viðurstyggðar (copied and pasted from Invisible Oranges to avoid any mistake) has been released via Signal Rex.

In other news

Vallenfyre (Paradise Lost) will record a new album called Fear those who fear him with Kurt Ballou (Converge).

Live shows

Iron Monkey are back?

Bent Life have announced their UK and European tour via Lambgoat.

Code Orange and Car Bomb have been added as support on Gojira‘s upcoming european tour.

Palm Reader have released their full tour schedule for their UK tour with Toy Mountains.

This is Inter Arma‘s full European tour schedule. Don’t forget they released one of last year’s best album.

Outbreak fest has released their line-up for this year and it’s monstruous!

Music videos

Terror have released a new music video.


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