[Albums] The Drip – The Haunting Fear of Inevitability

The Drip released an EP on 2014, A presentation of gruesome politics, on Relapse Records where the influence of the Finnish Grindcore scene was obvious but well interpreted thanks to some good songs and a solid production job from Joel Grind (Toxic Holocaust) and Brad Boatright. This EP was then followed by a long period of silence, only recently broken with the announcement of the release of this album, also via Relapse, and some tours in the US. Time has past but things have pretty much stayed the same.

The Haunting Fear of Inevitability is a solid Grindcore album in the vein people who follow Relapse Records’ output will be familiar with. Although the influence of Nasum isn’t audible, other Relapse luminaries such as Rotten Sound and Leng T’che are good points of reference to describe the music of The Drip. Songs mosh and blast but the emphasis is put on the solid riffing found throughout the album. Joel Grind does an excellent job of giving the necessary oomph to the duo of guitarists. A lot of the lead guitar parts stand out very quickly on songs such as Wretches or The Answer with its syncopated mosh.

The rhythm section also does an excellent job with many syncopated moshing parts or breaks spread on many songs to make this way more than just a straight blasting affair (see Consigned to fate). The band writes songs to make them stand out from each other like other Relapse kindred spirit like Maruta or Magrudergrind. Finally, the vocal interplay gives an extra touch of anger and diversity to the songs. With only 13 songs for thirty minutes of music, The Drip has written a remarkable Grindcore of political Grindcore which will easily resonate with many listeners and stay with them for many spins to come.



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