[Albums] Sex Prisoner – Tannhäuser Gate

2017 took the two most popular Power Violence band, ACxDC and Weekend Nachos, for the same reasons: lack of time and money to give away when more pressing responsibilities are waiting at home. Anyone for looking for a new band to mosh and thrash like a maniac too should not despair as Sex Prisoner just proved with their debut album that they can hold every promise they made on their three 7″ (one demo and two EP).

While the Self titled and the State property EPs shared a similar sound with early Weekend Nachos, Tanhäuser gate (a reference to Rutger Hauer‘s monologue at the end of Blade Runner) is a more diverse record featuring even an instrumental and melodic guitar-only song at the beginning of the B side, Lullaby. Although this track is the only deviation made by the band away from blasting and moshing, what really makes this album is different is the quality of the rhythm section to incorporate a lot of syncopated breakdowns.

Although they don’t share anything to Converge, Sex Prisoner‘s possess an ability to switch from riffs to a blast and to a sludgier proposition that would make most bands jealous. These guys are not here to entertain, they are here to pulverize. Lyrically, every subject is dealt with the kind of straight to the gut intensity that every screams inspires without even reading the lyrics sheet. Loaded dice (« Head you were a gambling man, you owe us still, your fucking debt ») or Church key (« Love is not for me, trust is not for me, drugs are not for me, there has got to be something more ») remind me of the bare honesty of Black Flag or Minor Threat. Not much in the way of metaphors, just dry confessions ripped from a notebook. Much like it’s lyrics, Sex Prisoner‘s music is direct, honest and raw, a fantastic album made to make these guys the next most talked about Power violence band.


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