News of the week – The Darkest Hour of Venom Prison


Unearthly Trance has released a first song from their upcoming album Stalking the ghost scheduled via Relapse on 24th February.

Producer and rapper Oh No has teamed up with rapper Tristate to release an album called 3 Dimensional Prescriptions. A stream of a first song is available via HipHopdx.

A new Hark song is streaming from Machinations, also scheduled for 24th February but via Season of Mist.

Emptiness‘ new song is streaming before the release of Not for music scheduled for 20th January.

Some Technical Death Metal from Replacire. Do not deviate will be released on 17th March.

John Haughm, frontman of the defunct Agalloch, has a new project called Pillorian. Their first album, Obsidian arc, will be released on 10th March via Eisenwald but a first song is streaming via Stereogum.

Full albums

Straigh and Alert is realing a new 7″ by Mindforce for fans of Turnstile and Shelter.

Profound Lore will be releasing the first album from UK Old School Death metal band Vacivus. Their first EP is already streaming.

In other news

Decibel has asked members of The Dillinger Escape Plan, Botch and Jesuit to talk about a tour they did together. The result is a very long and interesting read about the realities of touring for three bands who have now become legendary but were almost completely unknown at the time.

Metal Hammer magazine is back on the stand!

Legendary american punk band Poison Idea is breaking up.

Live shows

Time to Burn are back! The parisian band have reformed after a break up six years ago and will be opening for Mare and Employed to Serve in Paris at the Gibus.

Sumac and Oxbow will play a co-headline show at the Dome in London on 25th April in London.

Darkest Hour and Venom Prison will tour in the UK in April.

Here is the full schedule for Oranssi Pazuzu‘s european tour with Cobalt and then Aluk Todolo.

Defeated Sanity are touring in Europe in January.

Crowbar will be touring in Europe in March.

Pallbearer will tour Europe in April.

Music videos

Monolord have released a live video for the promotion of their new 12″.

Planet Asia is bringing the chocolate milk in his new video.

Iron Reagan is releasing a new music video.

Oh my god, why?!

The Bunny and the Bear, one of the worst band in existence, is releasing a new album.


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