[Live Report] Cruciamentum + Dehuman + Qrixkuor @ Boston Music Room (London)

London is the city that never sleeps and New Year’s eve was no exception, even for Metal gigs. While UK legend Confront was playing a free show at the Unicorn, I turned my steps to the Boston Music Room to witness a Death metal show before we closed the curtain on 2017, a good year for Music, if you were not a Star who became famous around the 70s, and an awful one for Civil liberties (not a Metal topic but a topic every Metal concerned about keeping their right to be the individual they want to be should be concerned about).

The first band to go on-stage was the difficult to pronounce Qrixkuor. Always masked, the four piece does not need to reveal their identity to confirm they are one of the most reliable UK Death metal band of the underground. No need for theatrics with such bone chilling music, their long compositions compensate their memorability with a solid atmosphere akin to early Incantation.

Dehuman‘s stage presence is the polar opposite of Qrixkuor thanks to the boundless energy and smiles of Laye « Les Sludgy » Louhenapessy. Watching him blast with a wide smile on his face is enough to remind everyone that as gloomy and dread inducing Death metal can be, it also needs to be taken with several grains of salt and appreciated as much for its musicianship and atmosphere than for its entertainment value. Dehuman‘s modern taken on Morbid Angel does not sound very unique but their showmanship and enthusiasm made them a solid act to listen to.

The uncertainty about Cruciamentum‘s future seemed to have disappeared but on this occasion the bass player and drummer didn’t look like the usual members of the band. The drummer seemed particularly new since he managed to get lost in the second song and forced the band to start it again which is never a good sign. Nonetheless, the band pulled through with the best sound of the night. Although slightly more modern sounding than on their latest album, the massively powerful Charnel passage (sold at the show on LP for only £12), their set proved how talented the two guitars players are at composing memorable solos, making them undoubtly the best Death metal band in the UK right now.

The headliner of the night was Sadistic Intent but I have to confess having no interest in their brand of primitive Death Thrash so I left the show early to face the drunk travelers (another staple of the London night life).


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