News of the week – They are back like Santa

And I’m back! If you were wondering what was happening and why no new post appeared on the website, it’s only because i just moved to a new flat. With all the planning required and some problems with the internet provider, i was not able to write new content while dealing with everything. Thankfully, things are clearing out before the end of the year and I hope to be back to a regular schedule. If not, don’t hesitate to tweet me @delaydistort.


At the Drive-In has finally released a new song and it’s not bad at all.

Post Black Metal/Orthodox Black Metal outfit Dodecahedron is back with a new album via Season of Mist scheduled for 17th March. a first song from Kwintessens is streaming.

Demonization is the title of the new Lock Up (ex. Brutal Truth, Napalm Death). It will see a release in March via Listenable.

While Max Cavalera is busy looking backward with his Roots tour, Sepultura is releasing new music. The new album Machine messiah is scheduled for 13th January via Nuclear Blast, a new song is already streaming.

Grindcore band The Drip is finally releasing a full-length after an excellent EP on Relapse Records. A song The haunting fear of inevitability is streaming via Lambgoat.

Full albums

The Cascadian Black Metal band Ash Borer is finally back with an excellent album called The Irrepassable Gate via Profound Lore.

Gnaw their Tongues‘ new album, Hymns for the broken, swollen and silent, is streaming via Cvlt nation.

In other news

Adam Sagan, drummer of Progressive Death Metal outfit Into Eternity, has passed away.

Kevin Iavaroni, charismatic frontman of Old Wounds, has quit the band to pursue his career has a barber.

Since he won’t be playing in The Dillinger Escape Plan anymore, Billy Rymer might drum for Glassjaw. He apparently has already recorded his parts for a new album. Let’s hope this one finally comes through.

If you wanted to learn more about the recording of the latest Norma Jean album (reviewed by yours truly here), here is a documentary where you’ll find all your answers.

Live shows

Primus has announced a unique European show in London on 20th June at the Roundhouse.

Excellent hardcore band Dangers will play at the Black Heart (London) with Rough Hands on the 2nd January.

Post Doom Metal outfit Fvnerals will play for free at The Unicorn (London) with Cavalcades and Earth Moves (Luminous Post rock meets gloomy Black Metal) on 22nd January.

More bands have been added to the Ritual Dreadfest in Leeds with Conan and Black Anvil joining the already excellent line-up.

A free Grindcore show organised by the Chimpy Fest will take place at the Unicorn with Let it Die, Groak and Wheelchair x4 already announced.chimpy

SunnO))) will play at the Barbican Center with cellist and composer Hildur Ingveldardóttir Guðnadóttir on 21st March.

One of the most amazing and funky bass player around, Thundercat, has announced a few shows in the UK. Don’t miss him!

Deafheaven will tour the UK and a bit in the EU with Youth Code. They will play in London at Koko on 21st April.

Music videos

If you want to hear the Metal Hardcore band that even the Guardian is enthusiastic about, check out Venom Prison‘s new video.

If you want to break-up with the holiday cheer, here is some malevolence for you.

Oh my God, why?!

Kid Rock has released some official Pro Trump merchandise.

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