News of the week – I have some good news, I swear!


A first song from the collaborative album between Axis and Seraph the Light is streaming.

Vanishing Life (Quicksand) have a new song streaming off the album Surveillance.

Call of the Void has released a new song off A.Y.F.K.M. scheduled for the 16th December.

Ken Mode have a new song streaming off their Nerve EP.

Full albums

Anal Trump is a grindcore side project created by Travis Ryan (Cattle Decapitation) and Rob Crow (Pinback). You can guess what it’s about from the fantastic song titles.

Antaeus‘ new album is streaming in full.

Full of Hell and Nails‘ split is streaming via Lambgoat.

Behold… the Arctopus are streaming their new « album ».

In other news

Will Haven have written new music and will soon record a new album. Another European tour wouldn’t be bad as the last one with Grady Avenell on vocals obliterated everything at Temple Fest.

Iron Reagan will release a new album called Crossover ministry on 3rd February via Relapse Records. They have also recorded a brilliant infomercial for it.

Jacob Bannon (Converge) will guest on a song from the new Burn album currently being recorded.

Live shows

The Together Fest that took place this year with Gorilla Biscuits, Modern Life is War and Touche Amore is now becoming a yearly event with another being announced with Youth of Today, American Nightmare (who headlined the same place last year) and Trash Talk.

Misery Index will play in London on the 6th April at the Boston Music Room.

They will also play at the Ritual Festival in Leeds with Ishahn and many more.

Music videos

SubRosa have a new music video about members of the LGBTQ being excluded from their religious community. More information from the band can be found here.

Vermin Womb (Primitive Man) has a music video to promote their first album through Throatruiner Records.

Great American Ghost has a new video from their new digital single.

With many americans wanting to move to Canada it’s always good to remind them that there are scary things there too, like Ion Dissonance. Granted, that’s not as scary as a racist, homophobic, bigoted president elect giving an excuse for homophobe, racists and bigots to express whatever fucked up things they think towards any innocent bystanders, but it’s still a good song.

Asphalt Graves have a new music video.


The Ned Flanders inspired band Okilly Dokilly have a music video.

You can also stream their album here.


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