News of the week – 40 free songs included in this article


A new song from Bethlehem‘s self titled album is streaming before it’s release on 2nd December.

Ash Borer‘s long awaited second album will be titled The irrepassable gate and will come out on 12th February 2017 via Profound Lore.

The Great Old Ones have released a new song from their upcoming new album. Season of Mist will release EOD – A Tale Of Dark Legacy on 27th January.

Cloakroom have just signed to Relapse Records and you can hear what they sound like just here.

Full albums

Relapse Records have released a free sampler of 40 songs from their latest releases.

Death Fetishit‘s first album is streaming. Members of Gnaw their Tongues and Pyrrhon are featured on it and it’s coming out via Debemur Morti.

In other news

Burn is recording their first LP with Kurt Ballou. Deathwish will naturally release the album.

Phobia will be rejoined by original members including Danny Walker (Uphill Battle, ex. Intronaut) and Leon Del Muerte (Murder Construct, ex. Nausea, Terrorizer LA) to record a new album. Willowtip and Deep Six Records will release the CD and LP next year.

Mastodon are almost done recording their new album with producer Brendan O’Brien.

French Death Black metal band Svart Crown have signed to Century Media.

Music videos

This is Code Orange‘s new video and first song from their upcoming album coming out via Roadrunner.

Gone is Gone‘s (Mastodon, At the Drive-In, Queens of the Stone Age) first video is here and it’s decent.

Up River‘s first video is streaming before the release of their Holy Roar’s debut.

A new Crowbar video is available to promote their upcoming new album.

The Thrash kings, Testament, have returned.

A new video from Grove Street Families is available via Facebook so check it out if you like London Hardcore.


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