[Live Report] Dead Congregation + Incineration @ Nambucca (London)

The Greeks were once a rarity on the touring circuit, limiting their presence to few festivals, but these days are over with Dead Congregation touring more frequently and appearing at many Extreme metal festival (Temples Festival, Netherland Deathfest, Fall of Summer…). Their recorded output is still very sparse with only two albums under their belt in twelve years of existence and one EP, Sombre doom, just out featuring two new songs but the power of these compositions is so strong that every occasion to witness them being performed live should be seized.

Their touring partner, Incineration, does not have the same quality of songs but they do possess a lot of energy thanks to an agitated frontman bashing his head relentlessly to the mix of Thrash and Death played by his band while screaming at the top of his lungs. The layer of delay on his voice made his performance recognizable even before entering the bar, grabbing the attention of all. What failed in Incineration’s performance is the poor quality of the composition aside from the reckless abandon with which they were performed. A disappointing but nonetheless entertaining performance to introduce the evening.

Dead Congregation didn’t need to introduce themselves to get the audience’s attention. Starting with the first song from Graves of the archangel, Martyrdoom, they grabbed the audience despite a less than stellar sound. This issue was quickly resolved as the set progressed and to reach perfection during the band’s performance of the first three songs from their latest full length, Promulgation of the fall. As the melody introducing the title track creates a bridge with Only ashes remain, the tension reaches it’s paroxysm every time these songs are performed, inspiring a frenzy like a rabid virus being spread across the audience. The new song taken from Sombre doom didn’t inspire the same onslaught but I have no doubt these tracks will find their way to the hearts of the many fans assembled on this Friday evening. The appropriate conclusion was then given to the evening by Teeth into the red, the concluding track of Graves of the archangel, as the religious chant sampled in the song created an aura of contemplation before the pit exploded one last time. No encore, but no need to ask for one. Dead Congregation performs prodigious shows without any need to add anything to satiate the thirst of their followers. The young band is now a force to be reckoned with and if they unleash a third album as good as the first two they will undoubtedly enter the pantheon of the greatest Death metal bands of the twenty-first century.


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