News of the week – 81% fan of football


Echelon (Hail of Bullets) have released a new song from their second album, The brimstone aggrandizement, scheduled for 22nd December release via Transcending Obscurity records.

A new Vader song from The Empire scheduled for 4th November via Nuclear Blast is streaming.

Sick of it All have premiered a song from their upcoming EP, When the smoke clears, scheduled for 4th November via Century Media to celebrate their 30th anniversary.

Full albums

Urfaust‘s new album, Empty space meditation, is streaming.

Ulcerate‘s new album is streaming via the PRP.

Serpentine Dominion‘s debut album (Killswitch Engage, Cannibal Corpse, ex. The Black Dahlia Murder) is streaming via Lambgoat.
In other news

Wiegedood (Oathbreaker, ex. Rise and Fall) are planning to release their second album, De Doden Hebben Het Goed II, on 14th February via Consouling sounds.

Live shows

Deftones will tour accross Europe and the UK during the month of April and May.

Mayhem will tour Europe and the UK during the months of March and April to perform De mysteriis dom sathanas entirely.

Music videos

Oozing Wound, the unique thrash/sludge band, has a new music video.

Martyrdod is back on the scene with a new video.

Tutti I Colori Del Buio has released their first music video.

Hollow Earth have a new music video.


Back when Dimitri Minakis quit The Dillinger Escape Plan, the remaining members asked people to record vocals over an instrumental version of 43% burnt. One of the version that got sent was one with a completely different set of lyrics written about a specific footballer and his prowess on the field. This singer didn’t got the job but his version is still amazing.

Oh my god, why?!

I used to like a bit Upon a Burning Body, but that was before they released this music video inspired by the Prince of Bel Air.


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