News of the week – Back to the Krypts


A new song from finnish Death Doom band Krypts is finally streaming. Remnants of expansion will go out on 28th October via Dark Descent Records.

Trash Talk are back with a new recording available for free via their official website. Fans of their earlier material should definitely rejoice.

A new song from Incarceration‘s debut, Catharsis, is streaming via Soundcloud. The German band will tour with Dead Congregation accross Europe and play in London this Friday.

Full albums

Planes Mistaken for Stars‘ return album is streaming via Noisey before it’s release via Deathwish.

Earth Moves‘ (We Never Learned to Live, Grappler, Cloud Boat) debut album is streaming via Idioteq. If you are into postcore and screamo you should definitly check it out.

In other news

Cult screamo band City of Caterpillar has reunited. They will be performing a few shows in the US with their original line up which includes Ryan Parrish, now better known for drumming in Darkest Hour and now in Iron Reagan.

Xibalba has finished recording a new EP.

Rival Black is the name of the new band featuring ex members of Burnt by the Sun with a new bass player and they have just finished recording their debut album.

Live shows

Trap Them‘s recent London show is available entirely via Cvlt nation.

Thrash/Sludge trio Oozing Wound will be back in London for a show on the 3rd December. Do not miss them!

Music videos

Oathbreaker‘s new video is online.


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