[Live Report] Weekend Nachos + The Afternoon Gentlemen + Homewrecker @ Nambucca (London)

Since the release of Unforgivable with it’s punchy and heavy production, Weekend Nachos got on the wrong side of the power violence elite (people who take I heart power violence’s post on Facebook seriously). The announcement of their upcoming demise probably got some cheers from this camp but on the other side of the pond, people were genuinely sad to see one of the honest and hard hitting band the genre has produced in recent years go away. The mood of the night was still quite cheerful as people got in Nambucca in this gloomy and rainy night to support the two opening acts before the sets of the main events (with Wormot replaced by Homewrecker).

Abandon Cause and King of Pigs both played variations on the old school hardcore sound with Abandon Cause going for punkier riffs with a frontman who was not afraid to get into the crowd, and King of Pigs using some faster beats and winning over the audience with more silliness. Both bands played well and got people entertained. At least it was nice to hear short song descriptions from Abandon Cause‘s frontman, reminding the ones who needed a refresher that punk is about taking a stand against something else than Mondays or the political supervillain of the year/week.

The Afternoon Gentlemen are regulars in the local Grindcore scene, and opened for Weekend Nachos on their previous London show two years ago). Appreciated by many, except by myself, the quintet played a blistering set that had nothing in common with the shows I had previously seen them play. It’s as if I had been asleep all this time and finally woke up. Everything went so fast that I only remember them mentioning a song about Mincecore (the style of Grindcore Agathocles plays). Otherwise, the riffs were crispy and the four vocal attack worked prodigiously to provide some necessary tension to the hyper-fast beats blasted throughout the set.

Homewrecker, on the other hand, did not make me reconsider my opinion as I have been a fan since the first album and am glad to see them go down a more metal route. From their Integrity influenced album to their Sepultura (the Thrash material, not the Nu metal goes to Australia sound) goes hardcore sound, Homewrecker is becoming heavier and faster all the time. The only problem felt during their set was the lack of power given to the guitarist’s microphone. Thankfully, the drummer’s mic was working very well for him to introduce each song with some good Metal banter. No songs from the first album were played tonight with half of the set devoted to the upcoming EP the band has just released on Good Fight Music (but didn’t have copies of that night).

Weekend Nachos took no time to set up and get the crowd to mosh with opener Sickened no more followed by a couple of songs by Still before delving into a selection of tracks from their final release, Apology. The set was composed of new and old songs, just like any normal set, as if the band was not splitting up.

We were not treated to a best of but to an excellent selection merging the old, the first song from their first release, Justifiable violence (featuring the singer from The Afternoon Gentlemen) from Punish and destroy, to the classics such as 2009 and Sick to the head from Unforgivable, Jock power violence (about the haters who always made fun of the band) and Old friends don’t mean shit from Worthless, and No idols, no heroes and S.C.A.B.S. from Still. The guitarist from Homewrecker took to the stage to sing a track, some members of the audience joined also (including a young woman whose voice could not be heard for Jock power violence). The atmosphere was cheerful and the pit was happily diverse with many women enjoying themselves and headbanging.

Only a supposedly unexpected encore gave away the impression that this was the final goodbye of the band. Even if they had not played a great set, Weekend Nachos would still have been remembered as a fantastic band that made people happy and gave many an outlet and a place to fit in for people who like to rage but still remain a bit silly.

Some more rare songs could have been played, the set could have been half an hour longer, but it would not have changed the fact that was a bittersweet ending. A great show but a reluctant goodbye. However, the last word came after the last song when a young man came onstage to ask the singer to give him the microphone so he asked the audience to help him find his bag and his wallet that he had lost in the pit. Hopefully, he got home afterward with his belongings but this last message should remain: Punk and Hardcore don’t exist if we don’t help each other out, and if there is one last thing to take out from this show and from Weekend Nachos, it’s definitely this one.


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