News of the week – Mare and the tour


The well-intentioned virus is the title of the upcoming ZAO album, scheduled for 9th December via Observed/Observer Recording, which is their own label. A song is streaming via Revolver.

Homewrecker’s new EP, Extinction by design, has just been released and a song is streaming via Cvlt nation.

Esben and the Witch will release their new album, Older terrors, via Season of Mist on 4th November.

A new song from Vader is streaming before the release of a new EP, Iron time, which precedes the release of the new album, The empire, on 4th November.

Full album

Red Fang‘s new album is streaming via Lambgoat and it’s pretty good. Ross Robinson’s production has not changed the band but has given them a live feel, and a less happy one too, which might be for the best.

Venom Prison‘s first full length for Prosthetic Records is streaming via Lambgoat. This is a recommended listening for fans of The Red Chord and any real Death metal and Hardcore.

Wormrot‘s new album is streaming via Lambgoat and it was worth the wait.

Bastard Noise (ex. Man is the Bastard) and Sickness‘s split LP is streaming via Lambgoat.

In other news

Nails and Full of Hell will share a split scheduled for 2nd December via Closed Casket Activities. Nails will also play at the Power of the Riff festival which, presumably, concludes their hiatus, which might also never have been one since neither their label, Nuclear Blast, nor the band, confirmed anything about the situation.

Oathbreaker‘s drummer has quit the band soon after the release of their new album. Although this seems like a very bad news for the band, he is replaced by Rise and Fall and Wiegedood‘s drummer, who has answered to a few questions for this very website.

Axis and Seraph the Light have recorded a collaborative EP which will be released next year on Good Fight Music.

Live shows

These are the first band announced for the 2017 edition of the Desertfest, the stoner/doom/sludge festival in London.

Mare will finally tour Europe after the first aborted attempt caused by the messy ending of the Temples Festival this year.

I’m just posting this for the art work but Carcass, Deafheaven and Inter Arma will tour together.

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