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This is a play through video for the new Candiria song from their new album. While they were sleeping will be out on 7th October via Metal Blade.

A song from Auroch‘s upcoming Profound Lore debut is streaming via Friedhof Magazine.

A new song by Black Table is streaming via Decibel. Obelisk will be released in the US via Silent Pendulum and in Europe via Moment of collapse.

A new Mouth of the Architect song is streaming via Lambgoat. Path of eight will be out on 7th October via Translation Loss.

A trailer for the upcoming Bastard Noise (ex. Man is the Bastard) and Sickness LP is available. The album will be available via Relapse Records on 11th November.

In other news

Cult screamo/mathcore band The Number Twelve Looks Like You is back. No confirmation yet if new songs will be written but shows will be played.

The End Records have signed Today is the Day and have plans for re-releasing all of their material as well as their new album.

Sumac (ex. Isis, Baptists, Russian Circles) is going to release a remix EP of songs from their latest album. Before you I appear will come out via Thrill Jockey.

Brian Duke (bass) and Christian Depken (drums), both ex. Kylesa, have reunited the band they had before forming Kylesa, Damad.

Homewrecker‘s new EP will be called Extinction by design and it will be out via Good fight on 14th October. Singers from Of Feather and Bones and Weekend Nachos are guest on the EP.

Phil Sgrosso has quit Wovenwar (ex. As I Lay Dying) to devote himself to his other band, Poison Headache whose debut has been released by Southern Lord.

Modern Life is War is going to record a new album.

Live shows

Korn will perform in the UK with Limp Bizkit but elsewhere in Europe they will play over Hell Yeah (ex. Pantera, ex. Mudvayne) and Heaven Shall Burn.

Jimmy Fallon welcomed Metallica this week.

Poison Headache (ex. Wovenwar) will replace Noisem on tour with Ringworm and Hierophant. Noisem will instead go in the studio to record their debut for Relapse Records.

Music videos

Ages of Woes have premiered their music video via Cvlt nation and here it is.

BulletEater features members from Cannae and Fucking Invincible, plays crust, and this is their music video.

Faith no More have released a new music video.

Kvelertak also released another one.


Members of Mastodon are featured in this video to promote the Project Pabst festival.


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