[Opinion] Max Cavalera is not Sepultura

Last week, Max Cavalera declared that instead of forming Soulfly, he should have just fired Andreas Kisser and Paulo Jr. and continue on with the Sepultura name instead of letting them keep the name.

I won’t speak from a legal point of view because I have no expertise in the subject but, it has been to said that if the brother Cavalera had any right to take the name of Sepultura away from Andreas Kisser and Paulo Jr., they could have done so years ago. The fact that they have not left me to think Cavalera could not have fired so easily the two founding members. Furthermore, he seems to have forgotten the reason why he left Sepultura in the first place was because of much-publicized disagreement with his brother and his bandmate. The two have now made it up, which is great for them, but it doesn’t mean they should forget the real reason he left the band he seems to love so much. In fact, with all the press around this reunion and the many declarations from Igor and Max about Sepultura, it’s quite hard to find any facts, aside from the article linked above, about their ten year long feud, as if it didn’t happen. It shows the power of saturating the news with information by burying old information. Don’t trust Google’s first page!

When Max Cavalera left in 1997 after Sepultura had released Roots, their most successful and commercial album, they also left behind the Thrash that had made them the heroes they were. Roots was Sepultura‘s Black album. A much less commercial album, but a tentative to get into the Nu metal sound nonetheless. It’s well known that Max Cavalera loves to find new bands and has his ears to the ground. On Soulfly‘s latest album, Archangel, he had Todd Jones from Nails do a featuring on the song Sodomites and has been photographed with patches and shirts from Full of Hell. This man has good taste and knows what are the best up-and-coming band. Therefore, I have no doubt he was well aware of Nu metal, had listened to albums by Korn and Deftones and tapped into this to push his band to record Roots, an album full of groovy riffs but with only two decent song, Roots bloody roots and Ratamahatta.

This year, he and his brother are going to embark on a tour to celebrate the album’s 20th anniversary and play these songs live again but he didn’t wait until then to do so. Go see Soulfly if you dare and you will hear songs from Sepultura in their repertoire, but to hear them be performed with full force and attitude, you will need to see Sepultura. In 2016 there isn’t much left of the legend of the Cavalera. The years have taken their toll and the dreadlocks are not as lively as they used to be. On stage Max Cavalera looks like the rag dolls of the Ratamahatta music video with as much power in his voice. Derek Green on the other hand incarnates everything that made me Sepultura unique. The energy, the confidence, the power! None of which can be found at a Soulfly show and any recent video from the last six years will prove me right. Sepultura‘s new songs will never achieve the cult status of their past release, much like the most legacy band in the Metal scene, but Soulfly also suffers the same fate and has to perform songs from another band to satisfy the fans! At least the current line up of Sepultura can’t claim to have a song featuring Fred Durst from Limp Bizkit in their repertoire!

Bottom line, Max Cavalera should not try to rewrite the past or to fool anyone into thinking this tour will showcase the real Sepultura. The real Sepultura can still be seen on-stage performing new and classic songs to any fans that want to hear them. Instead of chastising his old peers, Max Cavalera should realize his old bandmates are keeping the name of his old band alive, making money for him by selling old and new albums.

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