News of the week – Back to the graveyard for Graveyard


Ion Dissonance have given a new track to Metal Sucks to stream. Fans of early Dillinger Escape Plan and Gorguts era Obscura best notice, one of the best in the chaotic metal genre is back. Cast the fire stone will be out on 18th November.

A new Downfall of Gaia song is streaming via Lambgoat. The new album Atrophy will be out on 11th November via Metal Blade.

Full album

Neurosis‘ new album is streaming via Invisible Oranges.

Eris, the new album from screamo newcomers Knife Hits, is streaming via Punk news.

The mighty german distro RSR is distributing Pitfall‘s demo from 2012 for all fans of power violence.

In other news

Bolt Thrower is official done.

Fange (Huata, Calvaiire) are already recording a new 12″ even thought their second album just came out.

Graveyard have called it quit for personal differences.

Randy Blithe (Lamb of God) will be singing for EyeHateGod on their forthcoming US tour.

Live shows

Iron Maiden will tour in May 2017 with Shinedown opening.

Oathbreaker and Wife will tour together accross Europe in November and December but no UK shows has been announced.

Kvelertak and Skeletonwitch will tour together across Europe in November and December too but they will play in the UK.

Music videos

Every Time i Die, whose fantastic new album just came out last week, has a new music video.

Asphyx has a new music video.

Grindcore killers Die Choking have a new music video to showcase their distate of both candidates in the forthcoming american presidential election.

Because I’m sure some old fans will want to know how low their favorite band has sunk, here is the music video by In Flames.


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