News of the week – It’s just the nerve


A new Dillinger Escape Plan song is streaming on Revolver’s podcast.

Departé, Post Black Metal from Tasmania, have a new song streaming via Stereogum. Failure, subside will come out on 14th October via Season of Mist.

A new Bolzer song is streaming.

20 Buck Spin is about to release Khemmis‘ album, Absolution, described by Metal Injection has a mix of Sleep and Neurosis. A song is streaming on the website via Soundcloud.

Throatruiner Records will release VMO, a project featuring members of Vampillia. The first song features an appearance from Chip King from The Body.

City Keys is streaming a first song off their EP scheduled on Evil Greed for fans of Hardcore.

Deranged is streaming a song from Struck by a murderous siege scheduled for 28th October.

Full albums

Knocked Loose‘s new album is streaming. Fans of heavy moshing stuff, don’t make a pass on it.

Side A and Side B of Turnstile‘s new EP are streaming via The PRP.

Johansson & Speckmann’s (Megascavanger, Putrevore, The Grotesquery, Revolting…) new album is streaming via Terrorizer.

Ehnahre, highly experimental Jazz Metal band, have a new album streaming.

In other news

Dead Cross, Dave Lombardo‘s (ex. Slayer) new band, has lost it’s singer, Gabe Serbian (ex. The Locust) but they seem to have already found a replacement.

Ken Mode are planning a new EP of unreleased tracks from their last album’s recording sessions. Nerve will be out on 10th November with some artwork by Randy Ortiz.

Music videos

Brujeria has a new highly NSFW video.

Net label Art as Catharsis (Kurushimi) are releasing a new experimental project titled Diploid.

Oh my god, why?!

The awful stuff of the week is called Sheevaa.


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