News of the week – Digging digging digging


Zack de la Rocha (Rage Against the Machine) has released a first song in ages. El-P (Run the Jewels, ex. Company Flow) produced it with other songs on this upcoming new album. De la Rocha had previously worked on a song with Dj Shadow but nothing had come out of this first attept at a solo album.

Terrible Love (ex. Bastions) have a new song streaming via DIY Mag.

Vermin Womb (Primitive Man) have a song streaming via Cvlt nation before the release of their debut album via Translation Loss and Throatruiner Records.


Wormrot have released a new song with a good pun for it’s title.

Junior Bruce (ex. Bloodlet) have a new song streaming via A389 Records.

French postcore outfit Mime had released a new song in February but since i missed it, here it is.

Trap Them have released yet another song and like the previous two, it’s bloody great!

Same goes for Oathbreaker who have also released another song.

Full albums

The Longest War features members of Chokehold, Despair, Achilles and Union and their first album is streaming just below.

Exalt‘s first album is streaming in full.

Live shows

The Dillinger Escape Plan will be touring all over Europe and the UK in January, February and March.

Rapper Danny Brown will be touring in Europe and the UK in November with Zelooperz.

Music videos

Nothing have released a new live video. Their UK tour is happening this week so don’t miss out.

Uk metal hardcore up and comers Venom Prison have released a new music video.

Remember Come with me featuring Puff Daddy and Jimmy Page? Well this is Rot with me and the two songs have nothing to do with each other.

Brain Tentacles (Yakuza, Municipal Waste) have released their first music video, and as expected, it’s trippy.



If you were wondering what it’s like to dig for vinyl with one of the most wonderful and accomplished diggers of our time, wonder no more as Red Bull academy has filmed producer extraordinaire Madlib doing just that.

Oh my god, why?!

I know some people just click on this article to see what I’ve put at the bottom so here is Motograter‘s new video.

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