[Albums] Immortal Bird – Empress/Abscess

Coming from Chicago, Immortal Bird possess a very misleading logo making you believe you are about to listen to a Brutal Death metal band. With it’s melting letters written in white, you would be forgiven for thinking this band was signed on Unique Leader whereas in reality they share much more with the music of their producer, Colin Marston, specifically his work in Gorguts and the technical madmen in Dysrhythmia.

Although they are sometimes heavily influenced by Deathspell Omega and Ved Buens Ende, Immortal Bird builds bridges after bridges between different styles. The sycophant starts with a Swedish Death metal riffs Trap Them wouldn’t have turned away before turning turning towards a transition Ishahn (Emperor) would approve of. This unrelenting switch between genres and diverse influences is successfully achieved thanks to a high technical proficiency of every musician, from the guitars to the rhythm section, and the crystal clear production of Colin Marston.

The only thing Immortal Bird lacks is a sense of groove. Like many extreme metal band, the two musicians credited for writing the material (Rae Amitay and Evan Berry, respectively singer and guitarist) are focused on writing riffs and creating transitions between riffs. What their composition lack is a sense of groove. Instead, every composition feel very rigid and crams a lot of excellent idea without leaving some room to breath for the rhythm section.

Nonetheless, Empress/Abscess is a complex and entrancing collection of songs and not just a technical exercise. There is a lot of room for development here but also a lot to marvel at.

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