News of the week – Boris is pink


Crowbar has released a new song from The serpent only lies scheduled for the 28th October.

Lambgoat is streaming a song from Expire‘s upcoming final album called With regrets. Bridge nine will release the album on 23rd September.

Knife Hits have a new single streaming on Impose Mag for all fans of old school screamo.

The thrash faithful will be happy to hear Testament‘s new song.

Knocked Loose is releasing a very heavy album for all the moshers. Laugh tracks is coming out on 16th September via Pure Noise Records.

In other news

Homewrecker have signed with Good Fight to release their new EP Extinction by Design this fall.

Mastodon have now enough material for a double album and will enter the studio this fall.

According to an interview with Fred Estby (Dismember‘s historic drummer) on Invisible Oranges, the band might come back to do some live shows…

Live shows

Boris will be in Europe and in the UK for a tour in November and December. They will be performing their album Pink in its entirety.

Music video

Southern Lord just added another hardcore band to their roster (Xibalba, Baptists) with Lifesick.

High on Fire has a new animated music video.

Baroness doesn’t know how to disapear and they prove it by releasing a new music video.


if you wanted to know what the new Metallica song would sound like with their old guitar tone, well, you’re in luck…

Barney Greenway tells you what he learned from all his years on the road with Napalm Death.


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