News of the week – William Bouguereau goes Black metal


A new Darkthrone song is streaming. The song comes off Arctic thunder scheduled for 14th October.

After the very disappointing Bliss fucker it looks like Trap Them is back in fine form with another great song from Crown feral. The album will be out on 23rd September.

The demo version of an unreleased Temple of the Dog (Soundgarden, Pearl Jam) song is streaming via Rolling Stones. The reissue of the album will be out on 30th September.

Anaal Nathrakh are announcing their return with a solid track off The whole of the law scheduled for 28th October via Metal Blade. The band is finally returning to their black metal/grindcore sound instead of the metalcore of the last few albums (the last one being a complete a disaster).


Yes, this is the new Metallica song and well, it does sound like Metallica.

After the two songs from last week, Ken Mode is sharing a new cover of Helmet from the Meantime cover album.

Touche Amore have a new song streaming off Stage four. The album will be out on 16th September via Epitaph.

If you’re looking for some screamo, Knife Hits has a song streaming via the AV Club, courtesy of Curran Reynolds. Eris will be released on 16th September.

Punk News is streaming a new Die Young song coming from No illusions scheduled for 26th August via Good Fight.

Brujeria has a new song simply called Bruja- from their album Pocho Aztlan scheduled for 16th September.

Wider than the sky is an appropriate title for the new 40 Watt Sun, an immersive blues doom band with introspective lyrics. A song is streaming via Invisible Oranges and the album will be out via Svart Records and Radiance Records on 14th October.

Full albums

Decibel is streaming Skeletonwitch’s new EP the Apothic gloom.

Relapse is streaming Myrkur‘s new album.

Music videos

Oathbreaker has shot a new music in support of their new, and very anticipated, new album.

Wormrot are back with a new song and boy does it rock!

A new Balance and Composure video is streaming.

Oh my God, why?!

Because you know you want to listen to it, but not really, here is a cover of Africa from Toto by a metalcore band.

And a song from some Slipknot looking band called Kissing Candice. Of course, they are on Victory Records.


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