News of the week – Dillinger has figured an Escape Plan


Suicidal Tendencies have a new song streaming featuring Dave Lombardo on the drums.

Exalt has a new song off The shape you took before the ache. Fans of modern metallic hardcore should dig it.

As for fans of early screamo they should check out Knife Hits for their dose of chaos via Decibel.

Horseback have a new song streaming from Dead ringers scheduled for 12th August via Relapse Records.

Turnstile have signed to Roadrunner Records but will first release a four song EP called Move thru me via Pop Wig Records, their own imprint.

Sex Prisoner have released a new song from their upcoming LP.

A new Mammoth Weed Wizard Bastard song is streaming for all fans of epic Doom.

If the name didn’t already gave it away, Charred Walls of the Damned plays some Metal and is project of Richard Christy who used to drum in Death and Iced Earth. Creatures watching over the dead will be out on 23rd September via Metal Blade.

Alcest have a new song streaming off Kodama scheduled for 30th September via Prophecy Productions.

Sonoran depravation is the title of Gatecreeper‘s first album through Relapse Records and a new song is streaming before 7th October.

George Clarke (Deafheaven) has teamed up with Dana Waches (Vorhees) for a project called Rural Violence III (Rebirth).

Full albums

Integrity are putting out For those who fear tomorrow again but in a remastered version this time.

Sect‘s (Earth Crisis, Cursed, Fall Out Boy) first album is streaming.

In other news

You can hear a tiny bit of music on the teaser for the new Meshuggah album.

The Dillinger Escape Plan has announced that their new album will be the last. They will be putting an end to their existence, at least for the foreseeable future, after some extensive touring across the world next year.

Eight Bells (ex. Subarachnoid Space) have recruited two new members, including Dan Barone who also played previously in SubArachnoid Space.

Morbid Angel has signed a new deal with UDR Music for the release of their new album.

Live shows

Cough and Elder will be touring in Europe together in October, including the UK.

Daughters will play some shows in the US. Maybe the reunited noise rockers will finally make the trek to Europe?

Speaking of returning bands, The Number Twelve Looks Like You will open for The Dillinger Escape Plan on some shows.

Walls of Jericho and Municipal Waste will be joining Agnostic Front and Suicidal Tendencies on the Persistance Tour next year.

The apparently reunited legendary christian metal hardcore thrashers from Living Sacrifice will play on a Metal Cruise.


Cursed Earth have a new release scheduled via Holy Roar that will please any fan of hardcore and swedish death metal.


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