News of the Week – I have a hammer but no more Nails


Hellionaires is the title of a new song from Trap Them and if it is representative of the rest of the album we have another classic in our hands. Crown feral is scheduled for 23rd September via Prosthetic Records.

Forced Order have a new song streaming from a compilation with Wisdom in Chains, Terror

Oathbreaker have finally released a new song from their anticipated third album Rheia scheduled via Deathwish on 30th September. Not much to do with Belgium Hardcore here but an expensive track full of haunting vocals and mesmerizing riff.

Brujeria have released a new song after many years with no new recording and it sounds just like what you could expect from them (Napalm Death with spanish lyrics) with a very slick production.

Members of Keelhaul, Yakuza and Municipal Waste (guess who) assembled in Brain Tentacles to play some spazzy Jazz Metal for an album schedule via Relapse Records. A song is streaming via Decibel.

Dysrhythmia (Gorguts, Krallice) have a new song streaming from The veil of control via Stereogum. The album will be released on 23rd September via Profound Lore.

Where is the good american Swedish Death Metal? It’s still in Arsis‘ hands apparently as proven by this excellent new « pre-production » track.

Full album

Ringworm‘s new album is streaming via Bandcamp for some Thrash metal hardcore to lighten your day.

For more esoteric Black metal, head to Shataan whose new album is streaming via Invisible Oranges.

Dave Witte (Municipal Waste, Discordance Axis, Human Remains) has yet another group to blast in with Alpha Ghoul and their first album is streaming via Bandcamp and is out via Tank Crimes.

If like me you were wondering where to find more Power Violence from Magnum Force after their split with ACxDC and Sex Prisoner, here is an EP.

Transcendence comes to join the UK Hardcore scene with some chaos of their own.

ScenePointBlank is streaming Bent Life‘s new album scheduled for release via Bridge nine.

In other news

Still no official word from either Nuclear Blast or the band but it looks like Nails has called it quits just by announcing the cancellation of its European tour.

Ken Schalk is no longer drumming in Candiria. That is a massive bummer of a news as the band relied heavily on the man’s talent. Hopefully the replacement drummer will be capable of filling these clown sized shoes.

Terrorizer just signed to The End Records. If they record with the same line up as Terrorizer LA (with Leon Del Muerte from Exhumed on guitar), the legend is in good hands.

The violent sleep of reason is the title of the new Meshuggah album scheduled via Nuclear Blast for 7th October.

Asphyx‘s new album will be called Incoming death and be released on 30th September via Century Media.

Dissociation is the title of the new The Dillinger Escape Plan album scheduled for 14th October.

Live shows

Ringworm will tour in Europe with Noisem and Hierophant but this beautiful tour will not reach the UK.

Music video

Rolling Stones is streaming Refused’s new video.

Clutch‘s new video is rocking for your pleasure just below.

Touche Amore have shot a new video.


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