[Albums] Wormed – Krighsu

Whereas embracing elements from electronic music could be considered progressive or a divergence from what has been done, in Metal it was quickly classified as futuristic to underline the influence of industrial music as well as the importance of the influence of science fiction. Albums like Demanufacture, by Fear Factory, or City, by Strapping Young Lad, didn’t only introduce the massive presence of keyboards and rhythm lifted from Drum and Bass and Hardcore Techno but also welcomed lyrics and visuals making them likely companions to the « futuristic » visuals of novels by Isaac Asimov (Foundation) or William Gibson (Neuromancer).

In this regard, Wormed‘s Krighsu is another Futuristic metal album, despite adding only small electronic elements (like the drum sample during Neomorph minkdkind). Although the Gene Hoglan pulse of the drummer behind the double bass kick creates a link with City, Wormed is more influenced by Cryptopsy with a more mechanical feel in the rhythm of the guitar and the drums.

Their insistence on incorporating syncopated poly-rhythm makes them even kindred spirits with Slam Death metal bands while adding subtle layers of bass reminiscent of Gorguts to avoid being pigeon holed in the Brutal Death metal square. However, Wormed adds some variety to their unrelenting ugliness by hiding some keyboards line on Eukaryotic hex swarm which reminded me Emperor‘s In the wordless chamber on their last album.

Overall, Wormed’s third studio album confirmed as a less frenzied but not less inventive Death metal band, capable of crafting their own identity while retaining all the aggression necessary to make the heads windmill. An album as entertaining as their live show with the same level of precision. The perfect heir to Cryptopsy‘s sound and technique.


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