News of the week – Lombardo gone mad

Jamie Schnetzler from Destroyer, Destroyer passed away on the 15th July. He was 28.


A teaser of a song off Suicidal Tendencies new album is streaming. The new album called World gone mad will be the band’s first with Dave Lombardo (ex. Slayer) on drums.

Red Fang have released a first song from their Ross Robinson produced album Only ghost. Relapse Records will release the album on 14th October.

A first song off Norma Jean‘s new album Polar Similar is streaming via Revolver mag. Solid State will release the album on 9th September.

SubRosa’s new song is streaming via NPR. For this we fought the battle of ages is coming out on 29th August via Profound Lore.

The shape you took before you ache is the first album from Exalt and a song is streaming off it before it’s release via Good Fight on 9th September.

Die Young are a hardcore band playing Thrash metal and it sounds pretty nice and ugly. A song from No illusions is streaming via Metal Injection before the album’s release on 26th August via Good Fight.

Ringworm are also hardcore dudes playing metal but they are doing it much better (however, Die Young isn’t too bad).

The Haxan Cloak (dark ambient artist who worked with The Body) and Atticus Ross (Trent Reznor‘s collaborator on all his movie soundtracks) have worked together on the soundtrack of a documentary about Ukraine called Almost holy. A song from it is streaming below.

Integrity have released a cover of RUG for their flexy featured in an upcoming issue of Decibel Magazine. The song features Ilsa‘s drummer on drums. As previously announced last week, their new album will be released on Relapse Records.

Necromancing the Stone is a band featuring members of Arsis, ex. The Black Dahlia Murder whose debut will be released on Metal blade. Jewel of the vile will be out on 5th August with a song streaming via The PRP.

Relapse Records have signed a new band called Summerlands and their self titled debut will be released on 16th September.

Full album

Meek is Murder‘s Was is streaming via Decibel.

Spectrale is a solo project from a guitarist of The Great Old Ones and his three song EP is streaming via Bandcamp.

In other news

Pelican are recording their new album.

Live shows

SubRosa will play at the Underworld in London on 11th October with Darkher and Smallman.

Prog metallers (but in a good way, think The Mars Volta gone metal) will be playing for dirt cheap at the Black Heart on 21st July in London. Be there or be square.

Red Fang, Torche and God Damn will tour the UK towards the end of September and beginning of October. Full listing is available on My Tickets.

Every Time I Die, Drug Church and 68′ (ex. The Chariot, Norma Jean) will be touring Europe in November. Also, a live video of a new song filmed at the Warped Tour is now online.

Life of Agony will be back in Europe around the end of November and beginning of December.

Orgy will be in Europe in September if anyone cares.

Music videos

The best video of the week is the new one from Meek is Murder so check it out if you like some scathing rock and roll in your hardcore.

Despised Icon are showing their metal roots on their new video with a lot of metal shirts on displays.

Death Grips have released another video.


Back in 2000 when i was downloading songs from Kazaa, many small bands had changed their names to appeal to fans of other bands and replaced their own with things like Korn featuring Slipknot. Of course, anybody who thought it was a legit track was bound to be disappointed and hear yet another slapped bass and badly screamed and sung vocals. Now, sixteen years later, this hoax is going to become a reality. Sure, the result will probably be disappointing, but at least this time it will be the real deal.


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