[Albums] Fange – Purge

If Fange had continued doing the kind of sludge they were playing on their first album, they would have put out a great album. However, from the first riffs of Cour martiale, it is obvious they have decided to step up their game and show everyone who is the filthiest sludge band around.

Despite having joined the band quite recently, new singer Matthias Jungbluth (also of Calvaiire and creator of Throatruiner records aka Deathwish Inc Europe) sounds like he has always been part of the band. His screams are now less reminiscent of Converge‘s Jacob Bannon and verge on the crazier side of Alan Dubin (Khanate). If this comparison does not make you shudder, wait until you hear his performance and start planing on buying more pillows to hide yourself behind at night. Jungbluth is the boogeyman your mum was warning you about.

Not content with sounding more evil than ever, Fange has also embraced their inner Entombed and chosen to play their riffs with a Left hand path crunch that could have sounded overused if the riffs themselves were not so damn catchy, addictive and just monstrously ugly. Combined this with some excellent songwriting and you have ever what can only be described as one of the most undeniably excellent album of the year.

Aptly titled Purge, Fange‘s second album opens the valve of hate and let it all flow on the listener’s face with no restraint and no regret. A brutal and uncompromising experience you only want to come back to, more and more.

Purge is available on Pre-order via Deathwish Inc Europe


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