News of the week – Out to reclaim the crown


Metalic hardcore heroes Withdrawal are back with a new song off their first full length called Never.

Sect (Fall Out Boy, Cursed, Earth Crisis) are streaming a new song off their debut LP to express their support to  » all victims of systematic violence, abuse and deliberate oppression ».

Guidance is the title of the new album by Russian Circles and here is a song before it’s release on the 5th August.

Full albums

Some dirty death metal for the true warriors with Interment‘s new album streaming via Bandcamp.

Asphalt Grave‘s (Misery Index, ex. Gwar, ex. The Black Dahlia Murder) first album is streaming via Revolver.

Boys Night Out first EP since their return is now streaming via Alternative Press.

If you like screamo, there you go. Suis La Lune just released a new split with Shirukoma and it’s streaming in full via bandcamp.

Axioma is a new band featuring ex. members of Keelhaul and Morgue and it plays a very unique brand of slow and heavy music.

A new band called Ulthar featuring Shelby (Vastum), Steve (Pale Chalice, Apprentice Destroyer, Pandiscordian Necrogenesis), and Justin (Void Omnia, ex. Mutilation Rites) have posted their demo online.

The album was released month ago but i just found out about UK hardcore band Guilt Trip and their first album, Weigh of abjection. The album is streaming in full via Bandcamp and will soon be released on tape. For now, stream, download and mosh.

In other news

Integrity just signed to Relapse. Ringworm, now Integrity, is Relapse looking to sign All Out War too to complete their collection of bands from Cleveland?

Live shows

Trap Them will play in Europe in October with Okkultokrati and Venom Prison.

Trapped Under Ice‘s (Angel Du$t, Turnstile) return to the stage was greeted with enthusiasm as proven by this footage.

Music videos

Firespawn (Entombed, Necrophobic) have a new music video.


Want to play Djent but don’t own or play guitar? Doesn’t matter with, you can create your riffs with several presets that can be modified to create a large panel of variation.

If you’re going to see The secret life of pets in the theater, look out for this song by Ringworm.


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