News of the week – It’s not all bad!


Bottomfeeder (ex. the Gaslight Anthem) have a new song streaming via Alternative Press from Sink to the teeth, their debut through Good fight Music out on 22nd July.

Revocation have a new song streaming. Great is our sin is scheduled for 22nd July via Metal Blade.

In other news

Memoriam, Karl Willets from Bolt Thrower‘s new band, just signed to Nuclear Blast.

Trap Them‘s new album will be called Crow feral.

Neurosis‘ new album will be called Fires within fires.

Decapitated are suing Earache Records for unpaid royalties and are asking for the help of their fans by selling an exclusive tee-shirt to pay for the cost of the trial.

Live shows

Cult of Luna and Julie Christmas will perform their album, Mariner, on select European shows.

Yob and Black Cobra will be touring Europe together including a show in London on 13th October at Scala.

If you enjoyed Power Trip‘s show in London, or missed it, here is a video to (re)live it.

American sludge underground legend Fistula will be touring in Europe this year but no show was announced in the UK. Bummer!

Music videos

Every Time I Die has a new video for the first single off their new album Low teens.

Cleveland heavy weights champion Ringworm have yet another music video.

Mayhem are also throwing their two cents into the music video game.


Despite my initial wariness of a label who have signed Attila, a band trying to beat Emmure at their own game to be the new Limp Bizkit, Loathe is surprisingly descent for fans of chaotic metalcore. Sure, it’s overproduced and the keyboards on the chorus isn’t too great but… it works. It reminds me of the first Architects album. Much better than the long unnecessary intro made me expect at first.


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