[Albums] Nails – You will never be one of us

In the first part of their studio report, drummer Taylor Young (also guitarist in Twitching Tongues) recalled the words of Afrika Bambaataa describing the concept behind Hip Hop Djs by portraying Nails‘ song as a collection of the best parts from everybody’s favorite punk and metal albums. Unlike Hip Hop Djs, who sample and remodel albums to create new songs, Nails write songs inspired by the works of Converge, Entombed, Discharge and many more to create short burst of moshing terror in an album only a bit more than twenty minutes long. The result however is the same as Nails‘ songs allow you to go wild and go nuts for much longer than these short part everybody craves where you can let your hair go and push your neighbor without any fear of violent retribution.

Everybody who is familiar with Nails‘ previous albums will not be surprised by the aggression displayed on this new album. On the other hand, You will never be one of us presents a sharp departure from the blasting of the two previous offering by showing some form of restraint on the title track or on Savage intolerance where the drums slow down to create Thrash inspired mosh parts. In other parts, the punk influences shines more and recalls the Punkier side of Slayer on Undisputed attitude if you played it a 45 turn per minute instead of 33.

You will never be one of us also sounds slightly more dry than previous albums and possess a more live feel. Unlike Abandon all life and its unrelenting darkness, You will never be one of us is an album full of dynamic. Not unlike Hip Hop Djs, Nails has learned how to capture the attention of their audience of dancers and wrote an album made to punish as much as to entertain. Despite their lack of commercial appeal, in theory, they have achieved their mission of sounding « catchier » despite writing some very short songs and also the longest song of their career with the eight minute mastodon of They come crawling back which does not let up the rhythm but shows Nails‘ riff can be appreciated for longer than thirty seconds. Dance, mosh and listen, Nails have created yet another consistent and remarkable album with only an objective in mind: Destroy!

You will never be one of us is available via Nuclear Blast


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