News of the week – What you have missed when you went to the Hellfest


Norma Jean are back with a first song off their upcoming new album Polar similar. The song can be heard via NPR.

Mondokpf is presenting a new song from his project Autrenoir with Gregory Buffier from Saad.

Temple from AS HUMAN PATTERN on Vimeo.

Brain Drill, one of the most ridiculously fast Death metal band is back and they have a new song. Boundless obscenity will come out on 2nd July.

Skeletonwitch are back with a new singer on a new EP called The apothic gloom. The EP will come out on 19th August.

A first song from SubRosa‘s For this we fought the battle of ages is streaming before the album’s release on August 26th via Profound Lore.

Another new Meek is Murder song is streaming via Brooklyn Vegan before the release of Was on 15th July.

Horseback are prepared to release a new album called Dead ringers via Relapse Records on 12th August.

Ghoul will release via Tank Crimes a new album called Dungeon bastards and another song is streaming via Revolver.

A song from Inter Arma‘s Paradise Gallows is streaming via Invisible Oranges before its release on 8th July.

Invisible Oranges is streaming a new song from France’s Fange. The sludge masters learned their craft in Huata and are now fronted by Calvaiire and Throatruiner’s Records boss. Purge will come out on 2nd September via Throatruiner Records.

Full albums

The new Gojira album is streaming via youtube.

The new album by Nails is streaming via The Independent. Will the new Five Finger Death Punch be streamed via The Sun?

In other news

Ice T‘s band, Body Count, has signed to Century Media to release a new album.

Gatecreeper, who will share a split with Homewrecker via A389 Records have signed a deal with Relapse Records.

Paradise Lost have just signed with Nuclear Blast Records. Drummer Adrian Erlandsson (The Haunted) has also confirmed he is no longer a member of the band due to his commitment with At the Gates.

Live shows

Failure will play Fantastic planet in its entirety on an upcoming tour of the US. Maybe us Europeans will be able to enjoy this one after?

Lord Dying will open for Entombed A.D. and Voivod at the Underworld on 17th November in replacement of Conan.

Aesop Rock finally made its debut on a talk show with a live on Colbert with Yo La Tengo.

Music videos

Kvelertak are back with a new video filmed at the same locations as scenes from movies by Tarkovsky and Bergman.

Two rappers will take over your summer, they are Schoolboy Q with an excellent track featuring Kanye West (yes, he can be good sometimes apparently) and Chance the Rapper.

The Avalanches are back with a fantastic video and a song featuring none other than Danny Brown and freaking MF DOOM. Nice sampling of John Coltrane‘s My favorite things at the end too.

Danny Brown also has a new song for his upcoming new album scheduled via Warp.

Cruel Hand are back with another album and another video.

Young rapper Bishop Nehru who shared an EP with MF DOOM has a new video.


Have you ever wondered what a late night talk show would be like if it was only about Metal? Well, the team called Mrs Woman did and created a pilot that never got a follow-up, which is regrettable as they adapted the late night formula very well to a Metal context and the house band was two third of Mutoid Man.


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