[Albums] Seven Sisters of Sleep – Ezekiel’s hags

This time it’s war. Seven Sisters of Sleep have grown on A389 Records as part of a stellar line up of dark hardcore bands without the attention of most. An outrage as the southern Californian sludge-mongers have proven time and time again on their own albums and on splits (with Ilsa and Children of God particularly) how powerful and hate fueled their mix of southern metal and hardcore can sound.

Ezekiel’s hags is the band’s third album and it’s first for Relapse Records but also their best. Linked by atmospheric drones, each songs showcases the best and most muscular riffs the band has ever written. Like early Mastodon playing riffs written by EyeHateGod, third track Gutter marches on a carpet of fire ants before dissolving into a manic blast before reverting back into a massive groove ready to topple buildings the whole over. A riffs massive enough to make Doom fans starts throwing spin kicks in the pit!

But destruction isn’t just what is on the menu. Like any great Doom album, the disc is full of dynamism as proven by Plateau, a suffocating piece of Doom towered by the distorted screams and growls of the band’s frontman. Seven Sisters of Sleep can recall the best of Bolt Thrower or Cavity by hammering on some of the best riffs you are likely to hear this year. Engineer Paul Miner returns to record the band after having done an excellent job on Opium morals, its predecessor. He shows his knowledge of the band’s strength by making every instrument shine in its own way to make the experience as unrelenting and massive as it can be without leaving enough room to breath between each song. A very coherent and brilliant album full of neck breaking riffs capable of finding friends among fans of any sort of massive and powerful slow riffs.


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