News of the Week – The end of the Sabbath

It appears that Jim Hesketh, frontman of Champion and now ex singer of True Identity, has been a child predator for years. Similar accusations have also been made against Sweet Pete, frontman of In My Eyes. We should all support the victims of these disgusting crimes and make sure that predators such as these find no place in any scene.


Kerrang!, the British magazine, has asked bands to record Iron Maiden covers. Most of the tracklisting isn’t relevant for this website so here are two good ones by Anaal Nathrakh and Uncle Acid and the Deadbeats.

Nails has released another joyful track from their upcoming new album You’ll never be one of us.

Something is Waiting is a new group featuring members of Jar’d Loose and Barren Heirs and describes themselves as Today is the Day meets ZZ Top. If that picks your interest, listen to a song via Metal Sucks.

Boys Night Out have a new song from their upcoming EP Black dogs streaming via Exclaim!. Good night will release the EP on 8th July.

A new Kayo Dot song is streaming from Plastic house on base of sky via The Flenser on 24th June.

Full albums

Integrity and Power Trip‘s split EP is streaming via bandcamp.

Brain Tentacle and Ringworm‘s split EP is streaming.

In other news

Guitarist Nick Poulos of Cannabis Corpse has joined Municipal Waste.

Thrash madmen Noisem have just signed to Relapse Records.

For this we fought the battle of ages will be the title of the new SubRosa album scheduled for 26th August via Profound Lore.

Srcvinyl will repress Quicksand‘s Manic compression on limited vinyl due for release on 22nd July.

Live shows

Black Sabbath will perform their last UK shows in January next year with two shows in London and two shows in Birmingham, where it all started.

EyeHateGod has cancelled their European tour. This can’t be a surprise to anyone who has seen them live. The band was in fine form and performed very well but frontman Mike Williams did not seem in a good enough physical state to perform, let alone tour in Europe!

Battle of the Bays tour will feature Obituary, Exodus and Prong across Europe with King Parrot opening. The tour will start in October and finish in November.

Music videos

Lambgoat has the exclusive for the new Despised Icon video.

Meth Mouth plays hardcore and has recorded a music video to prove it.


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