News of the week – Is there a good song out there?

Rest in Peace

Brandon Ferrell who played the drums on Municipal Waste‘s debut album has passed away.


A new Meek is Murder song is streaming via Revolver. It’s off the new album Was and scheduled for 15th July.

Southern Californian Metallic hardcore band Mizery has two new songs streaming off their debut LP scheduled via Flatspot, Absolute light.

A song from Ghoul‘s upcoming Dungeon bastard is streaming before the album’s release on 29th July.

Rage Against the Machine bass player’s new band Wakrat has a new song streaming. The band’s debut will come out on Earache Records.

Full albums

Sumac (ex. Isis, Baptists, ex. Botch)’s new album is streaming via The PRP.

Poison Headache‘s first album via Metal Blade is streaming in full. The band features an ex. guitarist from As I Lay Dying and currently Wovenwar and plays metalic hardcore in the vein of Trap Them. Nothing mind blowing but some good tunes nonetheless.

Cough‘s new album, Still they pray, is streaming in full.

Basses loaded, the new Melvins album, is now streaming via Lambgoat.

In other news

Leon Del Muerte (Nausea, Terrorizer LA, Murder Construct) has joined Nails!

Vocalist Justin Hill is leaving Sikth. He will be replaced by Joe Rosser from Aliases.

Live shows

Downfall of Gaia and Hope Drone will be touring in Europe but mostly in Germany with one show in France.

Shining (Nor) and Intronaut are co-headlining a european tour with Obsidian Kingdom opening.

Meshuggah will do a UK tour in January of next year. Tickets are already available.

Music videos

Matriarch is composed of five dudes and features ex members of Hood and Ruckus and play metallic hardcore as you would expect them to.

Ringworm has a new music video.

Fans of more traditional hardcore will rejoice with Bl’ast new video.

If you’re looking for more melody, check out Wrong‘s new video.


There is a new DOOM video game out and it’s soundtrack is very influenced by Meshuggah. However, nowhere is the band mentioned in the two part documentary. No surprise however since Meshuggah‘s guitarist Fredrik Thordendal previously provided the soundtrack for the remake of Wolfenstein 3D, the first FPS (First Person Shooter) before DOOM.

Machine Head has released a new song called Is there anybody out there. In it, frontman Robb Flynn addresses ex. Pantera‘s frontman Phil Anselmo racism, which is good. Sadly, the song isn’t. Be the judge by listening here and tell me to bugger off in the comments below if you disagree.

Rob Zombie will voice a Douchebag leader of a vegan cult on Mr Pickles.

This Sunday on Mr. Pickles check me out as the douche bag leader of a Vegan cult! #robzombie #mrpickles #vegan

Une photo publiée par RobZombieofficial (@robzombieofficial) le 2 Juin 2016 à 13h17 PDT



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