[Albums] Blut Aus Nord & Aevangelist – Codex Obscura Nomina

Blut Aus Nord‘s trajectory has never been a straight line as they love to explore every avenue available. Following a return to the early Symphonic Black Metal days more inspired by Ishahn (Emperor) than by Justin Broadrick, the mysterious french project starts their new split EP with a beat Godflesh could have claimed as its own around the recording of Pure. What lies over it however brings us back to the Work which transforms god or Mort, the more atmospheric and ghostly side of Blut Aus Nord.

With this new release, Blut Aus Nord moves further away from Metal and sound closer to the industrial sounding techno of Pan Sonic or more surprisingly danceable beats on Evanescent hallucinations and Intra-voices ensemble (particularly its crescendo at the end).

None of the defining quality of Metal (rhythmic riffing, blazing guitar riffs, double bass drums,…) can really be found on this songs but they remain nonetheless very close to the Black metal aesthetic of drowned out vocals and fleeting guitar lines. Henceforth, Resonnance(s) and The parallel echoes stand proudly in the background, slowly overtaking everything around them without relying on aggressive textures. The gorgeous musical carnage creeps around its listeners hear and slowly dominates the atmosphere.

Aevangelist on the other hand is more stuck on one trajectory, to push their take on Industrial Black metal to it’s most distorted and perverse end. In their quest for experiment, they continued to embrace such Metal attributes as the Double bass drums, grunted vocals put at the front of the mix and more riffs heavy material.

However, they did stand in stark contrast with most metal bands with their multiple layers of atmospheric sound placed on top of each like a labyrinth of mirrors where every sound and every face is distorted into another along a long corridors of reflections. With this split they do offer their most coherent material to date in the form of a twenty minute long song that reminds of notable large pieces such as I by Meshuggah or Born again by Overmars. As the song progress it becomes more and more fascinating. A melody appears around nine minutes and rings like a forgotten bell tower bringing to mind the eery peaceful moments of dISEMBOWELMENT before being followed by a surprising but strangely fitting breakbeat.

On Threshold of the miraculous, Aevangelist stripes away the stratas of sound they were previously dressed in and experiment by focusing on singular textures before returning progressively to their riffs coated in textures. It seems like they never let their material breath as much which makes this piece feels like a revelation. Although Aevangelist has always been a notable presence in the experimental Metal scene, this new split will make them inescapable.

Codex obscura nomina will be available on CD via Debemur Morti


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