[Festival] Bands to support in the aftermath of Temples’ cancellation

It didn’t took long for Temples festival to start trending on Twitter once the cancellation was announced on Facebook by the organisation. The festival booked some of the most notable extreme metal and hardcore band and had run two editions that were very well attended and therefore seemed financially viable. It now transpires from the many who witnessed the problems of the 2015 edition with bands not being paid and the damage caused during SunnO))) that the reality behind the scene was quite different and that the organisation was due to end at some point. Outside of those who were in the known, most had faith that the festival would come through and bands would be able to play despite Agoraphobic Nosebleed, Weekend Nachos and Venomous Concept‘s cancellation, especially after the schedule being revealed a few days earlier. The news of the end of the festival took most by surprise, starting with some of the bands who were left with large financial problems with unpaid plane tickets, no work visas and fully booked European tours to play. Thankfully, in all the excitement, personal network started to come into action to save the day and shows are being set up in Bristol to offer a chance to all the fans and the bands who traveled to get together, play and listen. Sadly, this initiatives probably won’t cover all of the expanses of said band. Therefore, if you were still indecisive, now is the time to turn up, appreciate and get a shirt, a record, anything that can help.


With a UK tour scheduled to start with the Temples fest, the Southern Californian Power-Violence machine was the first one to react and explain on their Facebook page how problematic the cancellation was. Thankfully, they were able to secure work permit in time for the tour and will be able to perform their twelve shows, the first one being in Bristol at The Fleece on the 4th June.

If you’ve never experience their brand of madness, just imagine a rabid hardcore throwing punishing breaks every twenty seconds with songs shorter than how long it would take you to remember their full name (it’s Anti-Christ Demoncore). Their show in London is scheduled at the Black Heart in company of Boak and the almighty Gets Worse which promise a great atmosphere and non-stop stage diving. Their set at the Unicorn two years ago was already memorable but this tour will probably be even more intense. Also, their selection of splits and great shirt design will give you no excuse to not get something at their merch table.

Primitive Man

If you ever wondered what would happen if you deep fried a sludge band, Primitive Man is your answer. Big, large, menacing and very, very, very big, the sound at their live show could make an elephant blush but that’s just half of the story. Unlike SunnO))) who successfully used theatrics to enhance their performance, Primitive Man uses a lot of dynamism thank to a power-house of a drummer who punishes hit drum kit with large hits and hypnotizing drum beats.

With ten shows lined up in the UK with Sea Bastard from Brighton, the trio from Colorado had a lot to loose but was also able to find their way through to the UK to play their scheduled shows, starting with the aforementioned replacement show in Bristol, and finishing in London at the Underworld. They also have many split, such as a brand new one with tour companion Sea Bastard!


The Doom duo who form Jucifer was supposed to finish the UK leg of their European tour at Temples festival. Still, every show counts and the cancellation of their stop in Bristol will not help this uncompromising band to find their audience. It’s still a wonder for me to hear about their show being criminally under attended or booked in small place when they have everything to please curious audiences from the Doom enthusiasts to the curiosity seeker who enjoys talking about the band he has read about on Pitchfork and saw on The needle drop. The duo is not touring with anyone but their wall of amps but you can catch them this week with many doom and sludge bands so don’t miss them.

Promoters and fans are now looking to book bands still looking for shows so be on the lookout for other announcement during the week. Mare has announced the cancellation of the short European tour which was supposed to start at Temples and Pissgrave has been forced to postpone the beginning of their European tour and miss their UK shows. Sheer Terror had already announced that Temples would be their only show in the UK so that leaves no options for them. As All Pigs Must Die and others have been more lucky it seems and hopefully most will find ways to get over this regretful event and party with their fans.


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