News of the week – Nu metal continues to crawl back


If you followed Ferret Records’ releases until the end the name of Boys Night Out might ring a bell. After disbanding around 2007/2008 the band is now ready to play some more post hardcore as proven by the release of this new EP called Black dogs with a new song streaming via Alternative Press.

Also from that same era, but not on the same label, you might also be happy to know that The Number Twelve Looks Like You is ready to play shows now and to write new music.

Doomsday ritual is the title of the new Centinex album scheduled for 8th July via Agonia Records and a song is already available.

The Obsessed just signed to Relapse Records to release a new album and a demo of a new song is already available.

Full albums

Thrice is streaming it’s new album via youtube.

In other news

Bent Life‘s new album will be called Never asked for heaven and will be released on 5th August.

Hardcore new comers Mizery have recorded their debut album. Absolute light will be released on 22nd July via Flatspot Records in the US and Reality Records will release it in Europe.

Music videos

Nails have premiered their second music video from their upcoming album, and first for Nuclear Blast.

Framework is bringing back the screamo with their upcoming album for Deathwish Inc.

You can always rely on Death Angel to bring you some quality Bay Area Thrash.

Unlocking the Truth, the very young band of thrashers, have released a new video.

Nu metal watch aka Oh my god, why?!

If you want to cringe, the band Cane Hill has filmed a video about sexuality, apparently, that looks like a bad « goth » attempt to be edgy.

Wicked World are also bringing it back with the help of John Hoffman from Weekend Nachos by mixing Slipknot’s styled riffs with slam death metal.


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