[Interview] Viva Belgrado – « We create a link with the audience by sharing emotions »

Scremo is undergoing through a bit of a renaissance thanks to the success of bands like Touche Amore or Birds in Row or even Deafheaven. Although it’s no longer forbidden to show an emotional side in hardcore, the notion had been digested so well that the specificity of the genre had disappeared into every other genre. Thankfully, a band like Viva Belgrado is bringing back everything you ever loved in band such as Envy or La Quiete with a fantastic debut album that could put Italian screamo back on the map. To get to know them, here are their answers to a few questions about their music.

Could you introduce yourself as a band for people who have no idea who you are ?

We are a 4 piece emo/post-rock band from Córdoba, Andalusia (Southern Spain) that’s been playing for about 4 years now.

On your Facebook page you define yourself as a post nothing band , could you explain what do you mean by that ?

It’s actually just a reference to Japandroid’s Post-Nothing album. I’m a big fan of them.

Most people describe your music as screamo but do you feel any connection to bands of this style and particularly to the Spanish screamo scene ?

When we started we didn’t feel connected to any scene because Córdoba has no punk/hardcore scene at all. People don’t understand Screamo here so right after we started we toured outside our city pretty soon. That’s when we started to know other Spanish screamo bands to which we feel connected in terms of friendship, being part of the same generation and sharing similar views about music. Some of these acts may be: Descubriendo a Mr Mime, Boneflower, Shonen Bat or Ordesa.

Flores, Carne is your first album. What were your intentions when you started writing songs for it ?

On musical level we wanted to create more colorful and bright atmospheres. Lyrics-wise, we intended to talk about making something useful out of pain.

Your lyrics are sung in Spanish, is it important for you to write lyrics in your native tongue rather than in the language commonly used for « rock » bands, English ?

It’s vital for us. Although we can communicate in English we don’t feel it’s the right vehicle to express ourselves at the time of being truly honest, sincere and accurate about how we feel. Also, we believe music is universal and we fight for the normalisation of other languages in music. In fact, we are fans of music sung in pretty different languages: Daïtro, Sigur Rós, Envy, Lisabö, Raein..

Your discography is available for free on bandcamp but people can also order a CD and vinyl pressing. What motivated this decision to make your music voluntarily available for free ?

We’ve always downloaded music for free on the internet and we’ve grown and learned a lot thanks to that. We wouldn’t feel honest if we weren’t doing it this way.

With which artists outside of music do you feel you share a similar aesthetic with ?

That’s a question no one asked us before. There’s this Spanish photographer of our generation whose name is Juan Fandiño. I love his photos because although you can see he is not super technical or uses expensive gear, he’s able to capture very interesting moments that express a lot through analogic film. I think that is in a way pretty similar to what we do in music: we are not super technical, we don’t use expensive gear, but we create a link with the audience by sharing emotions.

You are playing around Europe at the moment but do you have any plans to tour in the UK ?

Hopefully in 2017 although there’s nothing settled yet.


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