News of the week – Rewind!


A radio rip of a new track from UK industrial dub producer The Bug (aka Kevin Martin, ex. Techno Animal, ex. Ice) is streaming and its a banger.

A new song from Wreck and Reference is streaming. If you like cold wave and just very emotional dark music, go and check it out.

A new Inter Arma song is streaming via Stereogum. Their new album, Paradise gallows, will be out on 8th July via Relapse Records.

Ever wondered what Xasthur would have sounded like if the songs were sung and played acoustically? Well, now you have your answer because that’s exactly what the musician is doing on his new album. Subject to change will come out via Disharmonic variations in May.

Screamo band Frameworks have a new song online from their upcoming Deathwish debut, Smother, scheduled for 8th July.

Weekend Nachos is streaming a new song off Apology featuring the singer from Full of Hell. The album will be out on 20th May via Relapse Records.

A remastered song from Pig Destroyer‘s Painter of dead girls by James Plotkin (ex. Khanate) is streaming. The album will be reissued by Robotic Empire on 20th May.

A new Hesitation Wounds (Touché Amoré, the Hope Conspiracy, Slipknot) song is streaming. Awake for everything will be released on 27th May via 6131 Records.

A new Vektor song is streaming from Terminal redux.

A remastered version of a Death song from Scream bloody gore is streaming. Relapse will reissue the album on 20th May.

Full albums

‘s new album, Nature’s bastard, is streaming via New noise.

You can download and stream the new Death Grips.

The new EP from masked UK Death Black metallers Qrixkuor is streaming via Bandcamp.

In other news

Electric Wizard is working on a new album to be released this year.

Turnstile is following Code Orange and has signed to Roadrunner Records.

Live shows

Sumac (ex. Isis, Baptists, ex. Botch) will tour Europe and play in London on 7th July at the Underworld with Mammifer (ex. Isis) and James Westerlund.

I never know how many d and e to give to Oddisee but one things for sure: his live shows are always amazing, so don’t miss out on this dates if you want to see and hear excellent rap/soul/funk/jazz.

Harm’s Way will play in Europe around their shows with Converge, and notably in London with Brutality Will Prevail on the 15th June at the Boston Music Room.

Norma Jean has added new shows to their european tour, most nostably in the UK leg.

Music videos

Ken Mode wants to ruin your fun even more.

Feared (ex. The Haunted) has a new music video.


A metal fan is carrying his friend’s ashes at shows at the moment and asking bands to spread them in the pit during a specific song. So far, Behemoth and Dying Fetus have accepted.

Lambgoat has published an interesting article about a little known fact: Bands having to share the revenue from merchandising with venues!

Oh my god, why?!

If you were wondering if Scott Stapp (ex. Creed) is doing ok, don’t you worry. The Eddie Vedder wannabe is now taking place of the late Scott Weiland (ex. Stone Temple Pilots) in Art of Anarchy.

‘s ex drummer is desperately trying to get a career running and has a new band with much of the same musician then in Scar the Martyr. His new outfit is called Vimic and you can listen/cringe at their first song via Lambgoat.

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